Drew Barrymore net worth

Drew Barrymore net worth

Net Worth: $125 Million

About Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore net worth

Drew Blyth Barrymore, o simply Drew Barrymore, is a famous American actress, model, screenwriter, producer and movie director. She gained prominence appearing in 1980’s movie E.T. The Extra Terrestrial. Soon enough Drew established herself as one of the most talented child actresses in Hollywood, especially fit for the comic roles. Some of her first adult roles were in the movies Bad Girls, Poison Ivy, Everyone Says I Love You and Boys on the Other Side. More recently Barrymore appeared in a number of successful Hollywood rom-coms, including The Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates. In the late 1990s Drew became a co-founder of Flower Films, a production company responsible for such blockbusters as Never Been Kissed, Charlie’s Angels and Donnie Darko. As for 2013, Drew Barrymore net worth is estimated at $125 millions.
Drew was born in California, in a family of two talented artists, Jaid and John Drew Barrymore. Although Drew Barrymore net worth is leaping over 100 million dollars, one could reasonably argue that she is not most worthy of praise in her family. Her father, John Drew Barrymore, came from the long line of great actors.

He was the grandson of two prominent Hollywood families: Maurice, George Drew Barrymore and Mae, Maurice Costello. His parents, Dolores Costello and John Barrymore, were also recognized actors. Among Drew Blyth Barrymore’s relatives are John Drew Jr., one of the greatest Broadway stars in history, and Sidney Drew, silent movie director and actor. One could say that with such a background Drew Barrymore net worth growth was unavoidable: she was doomed to become a successful actress.
Barrymore made her television debut when she was 11 months old, appearing in a dog food commercial. When the girl turned 5, she landed a minor role in Altered States. Barrymore’s breakthrough role was in a movie E. T. The Extra Terrestrial, by Steven Spielberg. Her next prominent performance was in a movie Firestarter, were Drew portrayed Charlene McGee. Although these movies did not add much to Drew Barrymore net worth, it turned her into one of the most famous child actresses in the world. It also garnered Drew two prestigious awards: Best Young Supporting Actress in Motion Picture and Young Artist Award.
Unfortunately, an early fame and fortune did not bring Drew personal happiness. She started smoking at the age 9 and was a heavy drinker by the time she turned 11. When Barrymore was 13, she started snorting cocaine and ended up in a rehab the following year. Only a few months after she was discharged, Drew was but back in rehab for the suicide attempt. The whole story of her rebellious childhood was later described in Barrymore’s autobiography Little Lost Girl. The revenues from this book made a solid contribution to Drew Barrymore net worth.

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