Drew Carey net worth

Drew Carey net worth

Net Worth: $165 Million

About Drew Carey

Drew Carey net worth

Drew Carey, middle name Alison, is a popular American comedian, actor, game show host and sports executive. Drew started his professional career as a stand-up comedian and rose to fame appearing in his own situation comedy, The Drew Carey Show. He gained further recognition as a host of improvisation comedy program Whose Line Is It Anyway?, aired on ABC. During his lengthy career Carey has also featured in a several movies and one made-for-TV film. Since 2007 he has hosted a popular game show, entitled The Price Is Right. Drew has detailed his career path and personal life twists in his autobiography book, Dirty Jokes And Beer: Stories Of The Unrefined. As for today, Drew Carey net worth is estimated at $165 millions.
Drew and his two siblings were raised in Cleveland, Ohio, in a family of Beulah and Harry Carey. Both of his parents were of Scottish ancestry. Unfortunately, when the boy turned 8, his father died from the brain cancer and since then Beulah raised her three kids alone. Although today Drew Carey net worth is counted in millions, back in the day the boy could barely afford hanging out in the same places as his friends.

While attending James Ford Rhodes High School, Carey played trumpet and cornet in the marching band. After graduation he enrolled at Kent State University, but never managed to finish his studies. Drew was kicked out for unsatisfying academic performance.
After leaving KSU, Drew decided to join United States Marine Corps Reserve, were he served for almost 6 years. His career in comedy, which eventually boosted Drew Carey net worth to $165 millions, started in mid 1980s. At first, Drew was writing jokes for David Lawrence’s radio show, in order to get some extra cash. In 1986 his friend encouraged Carey to participate in open-mick contest. His victory in this competition earned Drew an offer to work as the Master of Ceremonies in the famous Cleveland Comedy Club. Carey made his debut on national television in 1988, when he entered Star Search competition. Following this, he featured in a number of popular TV programs, including The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson and Late Night with David Letterman.
A real breakthrough in Carey’s professional career came in 1995, when he got his own program, The Drew Carey Show. While creating this program, Drew cooperated with a writer Bruce Helford and Mohawk Productions. For the first four years Drew’s situation comedy was constantly listed among the most popular TV programs. Needless to say the revenues from this show added a solid sum to Drew Carey net worth. During the first season, his salary per one episode was $60 thousands. For the next year Carey renegotiated the deal, so he would get $300. By the time the show was canceled in 2005, Drew’s income per episode peaked at $750 thousands.

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