Drew Rosenhaus net worth

Drew Rosenhaus net worth

Net Worth: $65 Million

About Drew Rosenhaus

Drew Rosenhaus net worth

Drew Rosenahaus is one of the most popular as well as most successful sports agents. It has been estimated that the total sum of Drew Rosenhaus net worth reaches 65 million dollars. Having such a huge net worth, it is no surprise that Drew Rosenhaus is one of the most famous and most wanted agents in football field. This career has brought him a lot of success and made him an internationally known star.

He got a lot of popularity when in 1989, when he was only 22 years old, he became the youngest sports agent in the NFL or anywhere else. Since his successful start, being a sports agent has added a lot of revenues to Drew Rosenhaus net worth. Drew Rosenhaus is also credited with having negotiated billion dollars deals during his career, which also established him as the most successful NFL agent. Also, he is an agent of the most popular and most successful football players.

Drew Rosenhaus is an owner of his company called Rosenhaus Sports Representation, which is also an important source of Drew Rosenhaus net worth. The company represents more than 100 NFL players, who have reached a lot in their careers and who have graduated from the University of Miami.

In public, Drew Rosenhaus is also known for his aggressive style of representing notorious figures in the NFL field, such as Terrell Owens.

Drew Rosenahaus has also appeared in a variety of TV shows and also TV series, such as “Arliss” and “The Late Show with David Letterman”. Thus, TV appearances also add up to the overall amount of Drew Rosenhaus net worth. Moreover, he has appeared in a couple of movies, mostly related to sports, such as “Any Given Sunday” and “Jerry Maguire”. In addition, the later movie has been said to have been based on a life story of Drew Rosenhaus himself.

Talking about his salary, Drew Rosenhaus gets a percentage of the total sum, which depends on how much money he is able to get from his contracts with NFL players. The average agent usually earns somewhere between 15-20 percent of the deals with their players. It has been stated that Drew Rosenhaus actually earns 10 percent, however, he has claimed that he takes only 3 percent. Thus, in this way, Drew Rosnehaus is trying to get more confidence and respect from his NFL players, to whom he works as an agent.

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drew rosenhaus net worth drew rosenhaus net worth drew rosenhaus net worth

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