Duane Martin net worth

Duane Martin net worth

Net Worth: $18 Million

About Duane Martin

Duane Martin net worth

It has been reported that the total amount of the current Duane Martin net worth is as much as 18 million dollars. Duane Martin became famous because of his career as an actor, and as such, he has been appearing in productions made for TV as well as many films. In addition to his career in cinema, Duane Martin is also known as a real estate agent. Thus, both of these careers have added a lot to the total size of Duane Martin net worth.

Duane Martin was born in 1965 in Brooklyn, New York. Before he became a well known man because of his career in acting, Duane Martin was also a talented basketball player. When he was studying at New York University, Duane Martin excelled in basketball and played for his school’s team. In 1989, Duane Martin began to work as a free agent for the New York Knicks, which is competing in the National Basketball Association. When he did not get a chance to get admitted to the NBA, Duane Martin decided that he should get involved into acting, which today is the career that made him such a well known person and also added up to the total amount of Duane Martin net worth.

In 1990, Duane Martin for the first time appeared on TV, when he was chosen for a role in the production called “Moe’s World”. In 1992, Duane Martin appeared in his first movie, called “White Men Can’t Jump”. The movie being about basketball, there is no surprise that Duane Martin managed to get a role in it since in college he was one of the most successful basketball players. Since that time, Duane Martin has appeared in many more movies, all of which have added up a lot to the overall sum of Duane Martin net worth.

Another movie in which he appeared and which is related to basketball, called “Above the Rim”. Other films for which Duane Martin is known include “Scream 2”, “Any Given Sunday”, “Ride or Die”, “Down Periscope” and “The Faculty”. Talking about his appearances on TV, he has also starred in many of them, including “Getting Personal”, “The Paul Reiser Show”, “Out All Night”, “Rita Rocks” and “All of Us”. Thus, his appearances in movies as well as TV productions showed his real talent in acting and today he is one of the most successful actors in Hollywood.

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