Duff Mckagan net worth

Duff Mckagan net worth

Net Worth: $20 Million

About Duff Mckagan

Duff Mckagan net worth

Duff McKagan is a well known man in the show business. It has been announced that the overall sum of Duff McKagan net worth reaches 20 million dollars. He is known as a writer as well as a musician. Duff McKagan is known as a member of the band called “Guns n Roses”. In this band, he has served as the bassist. Duff McKagan has stayed in the band for 12 years and his career there has added millions of dollars to the total estimate of Duff McKagan net worth.

In the end of the 1980s, the band proved to be extremely successful, and as a result, it made Duff McKagan a well known star. Also, in 1993, Duff McKagan debuted as a solo artist, when he released the album called “Believe in Me”. Also, he ventured into establishing his own group, which he called “Neurotic Outsiders”, however, the band did not last for long.

In 1997, Duff McKagan ended his career in “Guns n Roses”. When he left the band, he joined another one, in fact, the one, in which he belonged earlier before joining the “Guns n Roses” band, the band being called “10 Minute Warning”. His involvement in both of these bands added up to the overall amount of Duff McKagan net worth a lot.

He also joined another group, called “Loaded”. In this band, he served as a leading singer as well as a rhythm guitarist. In 2002, he joined another group called “Velvet Revolver”, in which he stayed till 2008. In fact, two other members from “Guns n Roses” played in this band, those being Slash and Matt Sorum. In 2010, for a short amount of time, he also became a member of another group, that being “Jane’s Addiction”. Therefore, serving in various different groups increased Duff McKagan net worth a lot. In 2012, Duff McKagan’s name was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of the “Guns n Roses” group. Thus, his musical career has been quite a success.

In addition to being a musician, he is also known as a writer. Duff McKagan has written quite a few articles for various websites, such as ESPN.com, SeattleWeekly.com and Playboy.com. Therefore,
being a writer is another important source when it comes to accumulating the overall size of Duff McKagan net worth. Thus, he established his name as both a musician and a writer.

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