Dwight Howard net worth

Dwight Howard net worth

Net Worth: $65 Million

About Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard net worth

Dwight Howard is known as one of the biggest stars in the NBA. It has been stated that Dwight Howard net worth reaches an estimate of 65 million dollars. In addition, his annual salary has been claimed to reach 17.8 million dollars and apparently such amount of money is increasing Dwight Howard net worth a lot.

In addition, huge sums of money are coming not only from his involvement into basketball, but also from his many endorsement deals. Thus, if you add money gotten from endorsement deals to money from playing basketball, Dwight Howard’s annual salary reaches 27 million dollars.

Currently, Dwight Howard is known as a part of the team called Orlando Magic, where he is playing as a center. Because of his involvement into basketball, Dwight Howard became a huge internationally known star and has been awarded as well as recognized. With the Orlando Magic team, Dwight Howard has signed a 5 year contract, which is known to be worth 85 million dollars. Thus, his involvement into this team adds a lot to the overall amount of Dwight Howard net worth. Talking about his recognitions and awards, Dwight Howard is known as a four-time All-Star basketball player.

Dwight Howard was born to do sports, taking into consideration the fact that his father also had athleticism in his blood. His father is known as a Georgia State Trooper as well as Athletic Director of Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy.

From his early childhood, Dwight Howard has been playing basketball and he knew right away that it was going to be a huge part of his life. While he was studying in high school, he even became “High School Player of the Year”. In addition, he was studying in the same school, where his father was working.

After graduation, Dwight Howard participated in the 2004 NBA Draft. In the draft, Dwight Howard was chosen by the Orlando Magic team, the team, where he still is playing today. Immediately, Dwight Howard became the most successful team player. In addition, he was participating in the NBA Play-offs in 2007. In 2008, he also participated in the NBA slam dunk contest, which he also won. In the season of 2008-2009, Dwight Howard was leading his team in rebounds and blocks. Thus, his membership in Orland Magic added a lot of revenues to Dwight Howard net worth as well as made him a well known star.

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dwight howard net worth dwight howard net worth dwight howard net worth

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