Dwyane Wade net worth

Dwyane Wade net worth

Net Worth: $65 Million

About Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade net worth

Dwyane Tyron Wade, sometimes called D-Wade and Flash-D, is a professional basketball player from the United States, currently playing for Miami Heat on the National Basketball League. Dwyane reached the peak of his popularity in 2006 and to this day is one of the audience’s favorite players. During his career Wade earned multiple awards, including 9 times NBA All-Star, twice NBA champion, twice NBA Skills Challenge champion and 3 times All-Defensive Second Team. Dwyane Wade net worth is currently estimated at $65 million.

Wade was born in Chicago, in a family of Jolinda and Dwyane Wade. After his parent’s divorce, Dwyane and his sisters lived with their father and his new wife. Growing without a real mother he looked up to one of his older sisters as if she was his mom. Years later in one of his interviews Dwyane revealed that is was her who paid him most attention in the childhood and took care that he would not end on the streets. Was it not for his older sister, he probably would have fell under the influence of various criminal gangs hanging in the streets and Dwyane Wade net worth would have remained close to zero.

Dwyane started playing basketball back in the high school. At first his enthusiasm to play was met with a lot of skepticism from the couth. Of course, he allowed Wade to join the team, but used to leave the boy on the bench for most of the games. At that time Wade’s talent for sports was considered average and everyone looked at his step brother Demetris McDaniel as the biggest hope of the school team. They could not have been more wrong. Right before the junior year Dwyane grew 5 inches in three months and his game improved noticeably. The following season he averaged 11 rebounds and 27 points per game, leading his school team to the finals of Class AA Eisenhower Sectional. Despite all these achievements in sports, due to his low academic level only three colleges were willing to recruit Wade after his graduation.

He ended up playing for the Marquette University in Wisconsin. During his first year in college Wade was not allowed to play with the team on any official competitions, because he did not meet the requirements of NCAA’s proposition 48, his high school grades and standardized test results were not high enough. Dwyane improved his academic skills and join the university basketball team the following year. With Wade in the lead MU won Conference USA championship, something it have never managed before.

Dwyane Wade net worth shot to the stars after he was drafted by Miami Heat in 2003. For the first two seasons with this team Wade received a salary of just over $2 million. His income increased by one million in the year 2005. After the extremely successful season of 2006-2007 his salary suddenly jumped to $13 million. According to Forbes, during the year since May 2011 Dwyane Wade net worth grew by nearly $25 million.

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