E. L. James net worth

E. L. James net worth

Net Worth: $60 Million

About E. L. James

E. L. James net worth

E. L. James is known as one of the best selling authors of today. It has been estimated that the current amount of E. L. James net worth reaches 60 million dollars. E. L. James is also known as Erika Leonard and she is mostly recognized as the author of the books series of Fifty Shades. Also, it was these series, which made the author known internationally and which added the biggest sums of money to the total amount of E. L. James net worth. Currently, the author is known to be living in the area of West London with her family.

At first, her books were published online and soon they became a massive hit. Fifty Shades became most read books on the internet. The first part of the trilogy is called “Fifty Shades of Grey”. The book became a best seller soon and it was published by Vintage Books. Also, the sales of it added a lot of financial success to the overall estimate of E. L. James net worth.

The book series were initially focused on the fan fiction posts, which were based on the characters from another famous book called “Twilight”. However, the author removed the posts because it was stated by a lot of people and critics that they involved too many sex scenes in the stories.

Nevertheless, the books became international success and at the same time it gained a lot of controversy because of explicit sex scenes portrayed in the stories. Also, in the books there is a depiction portrayed of the BDSM lifestyle.

Talking about the audience, the book series have been received mostly positively, whereas talking about the critics, they showed mixed comments about the book. Some of them have stated that the books portray too many sex scenes, whereas others have claimed that the book is a right portrayal of today’s life.

Recently, it has been stated that the books series of “Fifty Shades” are going to have film adaptations, which might be made by Universal Pictures and Focus Features. Therefore, in a case of this, E. L. James net worth would increase even more. As it has been mentioned already, the first book of the series was called “Fifty Shades of Grey”, whereas the other two are titled “Fifty Shades Darker” and “Fifty Shades Freed”. It has been stated hat 70 million copies of her books series have been sold internationally.

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e. l. james net worth e. l. james net worth

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