Earl Watson net worth

Earl Watson net worth

Net Worth: $16 Million

About Earl Watson

Earl Watson net worth

Earl Watson is a well known basketball player. This career not only made him popular, but also added up a lot of revenues to the overall amount of Earl Watson net worth, which has been claimed to reach 16 million dollars, as of right now. Today, he is retired from playing this game professionally but is still involved in this industry as he is the head coach for the Phoenix Suns in the National Basketball Association. Thus, this involvement is amongst the main current sources of increasing the overall sum of Earl Watson net worth.
Before he started his professional career, he was playing basketball when he was studying in college as he belonged to the UCLA Bruins. With the team, he was a starter in games for four years. In 2001, he participated in the NBA Draft, during which he was chosen to play with the Seattle SuperSonics. Overall, he was playing with seven teams in the NBA and his professional career lasted for 13 seasons. During such a long time, a huge part of Earl Watson net worth was earned. In 2014, when he retired, he started his career as a coach.
Born in 1979, Earl Watson was studying at Washington High School in Kansas City, Kansas.

Then, he continued his basketball career when he entered UCLA. As a college player, Earl Watson earned All-Pac-10 First Team Honors. In 2001, his professional basketball career began when he was chosen as the 39th overall pick by the Seattle SuperSonics. In 2009, he signed a contract with the Indiana Pacers. One year later, he began to play with the Utah Jazz. Then, in 2013, Earl Watson became a player with the Portland Trail Blazers. Therefore, playing in all of these mentioned teams not only made his name well known but also increased the total estimate of Earl Watson net worth.
In 2014, he became a coach. In that year, he began to work as an assistant coach by the Austin Spurs of the NBA D-League. In 2015, he also became an assistant coach with another team, the Phoenix Suns. He was soon promoted to be a head coach of the team. After a few years, he became a full-time head coach of the Phoenix Suns and he became quite successful in working with the team. Thus, this involvement has also added up a lot to the total amount of Earl Watson net worth.
Giving some background information and personal details about Earl Watson, his father is African American, whereas his mother is Mexican American. Because of this fact, Earl Watson could play with the Mexico national basketball team. He was raised in a big family of six kids as he has one sister and four brothers. Earl Watson is a member of the local Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Arizona. In addition, he is a humanitarian and has founded the organization called Emagine, which supports the youth of Kansas City, Kansas, where Earl Watson was born. In the period of 2009-2015, he was married to actress Jennifer Freeman, with who he has a daughter named Isabella Amora.

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