Ed Helms net worth

Ed Helms net worth

Net Worth: $20 Million

About Ed Helms

Ed Helms net worth

It has been announced that the overall amount of Ed Helms net worth is 20 million dollars. Ed Helms is known as an actor, comedian and TV star. Ed Helms is probably mostly remembered from the TV show called “The Daily Show”, where he played a part of correspondent. In addition, he is also known from the TV show called “The Office”, where he is appearing as Andy Bernard. Moreover, Ed Helms is also a star from the film series of “The Hangover”, which proved to be a huge hit, and as a result, also increased the total sum of Ed Helms net worth.

Ed Helms was born in 1974 in Atlanta, Georgia. His father worked as a lawyer and his mother was an administrator at school. He has two siblings and is the youngest of them. When he was 14 years old, Ed Helms had to suffer an open heart surgery. Ed Helms was a student at Oberlin College, where he graduated with his degree in film theory and technology, although initially he was studying geology. Also, when he was studying there, he applied for an exchange program and was sent to study at New York University’s Tisch School of Arts for one semester.

When he graduated from college, he soon got enrolled into acting and theater and performed in various stages of New York travelling with different sketch comedy groups. He also attended classes of improvisation. His first official involvement on TV screen was when he was casted for a role as a correspondent for a TV show called “The Daily Show”, which made him known in the country, too. In 2006, he quitted attending on that show regularly, but still had some appearances as a guest on it.

In the third season of “The Office”, Ed Helms joined the cast and it also increased his popularity as well as Ed Helms net worth. In addition, he soon started to get roles on other TV shows, including “Children’s Hospital”, “Tanner on Tanner” and “Cheap Seats”. Also, he appeared in a lot of special programs broadcasted on the Comedy Central channel. He has also voiced a lot of TV commercials for productions of Burger King, Doritos, Sharp Aquos and Hotels.com. Therefore, his work on TV has added a lot of financial success to him and increased the total sum of Ed Helms net worth as well as made him a huge star on TV screens to national as well as international audiences.

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ed helms net worth ed helms net worth ed helms net worth

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