Ed Sheeran net worth

Ed Sheeran net worth

Net Worth: $8 Million

About Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran net worth

Today, one of the most popular English singers and songwriters is known to be Ed Sheeran. His songs are topping the charts all across Europe and the sales of his singles and albums add a lot of financial success to Ed Sheeran net worth, which currently is known to have an amount of 8 million dollars and is expected to grow even more in the upcoming years.

The singer was born in Halifax, England, whereas his childhood was spent in Framlingham, England, where he also grew up. Even before he started attending kindergarten, Ed Sheeran started to sing in a local choir. Later, he decided that in addition to singing, he wanted to play guitar and learnt how to do it. When he was studying in high school, Ed Sheeran began writing his own lyrics, which later became one of the most important sources of Ed Sheeran net worth.

Soon, Ed Sheeran started attending the National Youth Theater, where he was accepted. In 2005, his first EP was released. In the upcoming three years, two albums of the singer were also released, sales of which added a lot to the overall sum of Ed Sheeran net worth. He started to gain attention when he began appearing in small venues all around London and elsewhere in England.

Ed Sheeran has had many collaborations with other musicians, as well. Also, Ed Sheeran was touring together with Just Jack.

In 2010, Ed Sheeran moved to Los Angeles, where he saw more opportunities to develop his singing talent. Soon, he was noticed by Jamie Foxx, who liked Ed Sheeran so much that he let him to have free time in his recording studio and also found him a place to live while Ed Sheeran was in Los Angeles. In that time, he recorded two more EPs of him.

In 2011, he released an EP titled “No. 5 Collaborations Project”. The EP was released on iTunes and became a huge hit, which led Ed Sheeran to get a record deal signed with Asylum/Atlantic Records. This collaboration added a lot of financial success to Ed Sheeran net worth. Since then, Ed Sheeran has recorded one very successful album and got a number of awards. Currently, it has been known that the singer in touring in the United Kingdom and is working on his second album, which is also expected to become a successful production.

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