Edith Flagg net worth

Edith Flagg net worth

Net Worth: $100 Million

About Edith Flagg

Edith Flagg net worth

Edith Flagg is one of the most respected fashion designers in the industry. It has been claimed that the overall estimate of the current Edith Flagg net worth reaches as high as 100 million dollars. Born in 1919, Edith Flagg has accumulated her net worth as a successful fashion designer as well as a fashion industry executive. Edith Flagg, besides these involvements, is also known as a philanthropist.

Giving some background information about the fashion designer, Edith Flagg was born in Romania in 1919. When she was only a teenager, she moved to Vienna, where she intended to study fashion. Little did she know at that time, fashion would become the main source of her fame as well as the total sum of Edith Flagg net worth.

However, she moved from Austria when Hitler annexed it, and she moved to live to the Netherlands. Before she settled in the United States, Edith Flagg was also living in Palestine for some time. Edith Flagg’s family was affected by the war – her first husband was caught by Nazis and he died in Auschwitz. Edith Flagg is also known as a survivor of the Second World War, together with her second husband and their son.

In fact, she and her husband belonged to the organization which fought for saving Jewish people from the hands of Nazis, the organization being called Dutch Resistance Forces. Therefore, before she became a successful fashion designer, which increased the total sum of Edith Flagg net worth, she was involved into quite a few events of history.

In 1956, she started her career in fashion when she established her company called “Edith Flagg, Inc.”. This clothing line was functioning till 2000. The company got a lot of attention in the 1950s and it continued to be very popular till the 1990s. During this period of time, the total amount of Edith Flagg net worth increased a lot, as well. Her clothing line was very well known because of the fact that for making it the material which was usually used was polyester.

In the fashion industry, Edith Flagg was also accompanied by her husband. With him, she was also working on the Women’s Wear Daily and California Apparel News. The duo collaborated into writing a column called “By The Way”. Therefore, not only Edith Flagg, but also her husband was involved into fashion industry, as well. In fact, the duo was members in the Advisory Board of Directors for Manufacturers Bank.

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