Eduardo Saverin net worth

Eduardo Saverin net worth

Net Worth: $2.2 Million

About Eduardo Saverin

Eduardo Saverin net worth

It has been announced that the overall amount of Eduardo Saverin net worth today is as high as 2.2 billion dollars, which makes him one of the wealthiest people in the world. Coming from Brazil, he is regarded as one of the most successful investors and internet entrepreneurs. Mostly, Eduardo Saverin is known as one of the founders of the most popular social website called Facebook, which he co-founded with Mark Zuckerberg, Chris Hughes, Andrew McCollum and Dustin Moskovitz. Working on Facebook has added up a lot to the total size of Eduardo Saverin net worth.

In 2012 it was stated that Eduardo Saverin is an owner of a little bit less than 5 percent of shares of Facebook. Moreover, it was also stated that at that time Eduardo Saverin net worth reached as high as 3.9 billion dollars, thus, there is no agreement of how much his net worth really reaches. The latter size of his net worth was provided by Forbes. As an investor, he has worked with Jumio and Qwiki. Thus, his career as an investor has also added up to the total estimate of Eduardo Saverin net worth.

Eduardo Saverin was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

He was raised in a wealthy Jewish household. After his birth, the family moved to live to Rio de Janeiro. His father was working as an industrialist and as such he worked in the spheres of clothing, real estate and shipping. In 1993, Eduardo Saverin and the rest of his family moved to live to the United States, where they bought their new home in Miami, Florida.

After graduating from high school, Eduardo Saverin was studying at Harvard University. There, he also served as a president of the Harvard Investment Association. This was also the time when Eduardo Saverin earned 300 thousand dollars through his strategic investments in the oil business. In 2006, Eduardo Saverin became a graduate of Harvard University where he earned his BA degree in Economics.

When he was still studying at Harvard University, Eduardo Saverin made friends with Mark Zuckerberg, with whom he later teamed up to create the social website Facebook. In 2004, the duo launched the first version of Facebook. The first roles which Eduardo Saverin got in this company were working as a business manager and chief financial officer. In 2010, in the movie called “The Social Network”, the role of Eduardo Saverin was portrayed by Andrew Garfield and it was praised by critics.

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