Edward Burns net worth

Edward Burns net worth

Net Worth: $18 Million

About Edward Burns

Edward Burns net worth

Edward Burns is a well known actor, who has expanded his career into cinema industry and also became a writer, director and producer. It has been claimed that the current amount of Edward Burns net worth is as high as 18 million dollars. Edward Burns is mostly known as a film actor and he has established his name famous when he appeared in “Saving Private Ryan” in 1998. He also became more known when he got a role in “One Missed Call” in 2008.
In addition to his work as an actor, Edward Burns has also worked on a few films as a director, such as “She’s The One”, “Sidewalks of New York” and “The Brothers McMullen”. Thus, his work as an actor, as well as a director, has added up a lot of revenues to the total sum of Edward Burns net worth.
The actor was born in 1968 in Queens, New York. His father was a police officer, whereas his mother was a federal agency worker. He was raised in an Irish American household and is the second of three children in the family. Edward Burns spent a bigger part of his childhood in Long Island. After high school, Edward Burns continued his education at SUNY Oneonta, Hunter College and University at Albany.

When he graduated from college, he started his career when he was chosen to be a production assistant in the film called “The Doors” made by Oliver Stone. Then, he worked as a gofer in “Entertainment Tonight”. In his free time from work, Edward Burns worked on his first film called “The Brothers McMullen”, where he not only appeared as a director and producer, but also starred in it. The whole film was shot in Valley Stream, Edward Burns’ hometown.
In 1996, he worked on his another production, which became known as “She’s The One”. In this production, Edward Burns appeared with Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston. In 2001, he produced one more film, called “Sidewalks of New York”. Thus, all of this work of his has added up a lot to the overall size of Edward Burns net worth.
In addition to his directing and producing work, Edward Burns has also appeared in many movies, such as “Confidence”, “Life or Something like It” and “Saving Private Ryan”. In 2004, he appeared as well as wrote and directed a film called “Looking for Kitty”. The film was important in a way that it was filmed in New York City using a camera and a small staff only. In 2007, iTunes showed for the first time his film called “Purple Violets”.
Then, he got a guest role in the TV series called “Entourage”. Moreover, he got the role of a boyfriend of Grace Adler in the TV sitcom called “Will & Grace”. His most recent filmography includes “Alex Cross”, “Louie”, “Public Morals”, “Mob City” and “The Fitzgerald Family Christmas”. Thus, all of these productions have made his name well known in Hollywood, in addition to increasing the total amount of Edward Burns net worth.

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