Eli Manning net worth

Eli Manning net worth

Net Worth: $60 Million

About Eli Manning

Eli Manning net worth

Eli Manning is known as one of the richest and highest earning players in the NFL. It has been announced that the overall amount of Eli Manning net worth is 60 million dollars. Moreover, it has been claimed that his annual salary reaches 18 million dollars, which increases his net worth by a mile. However, some sources state that the actual annual earnings of Eli Manning reach 26.5 million dollars and in addition to that, he is said to earn 7 million dollars every year out of his endorsement deals, which also increases the total amount of Eli Manning net worth a lot.

In 2004, Eli Manning started playing for the team of New York Giants and it was stated that he signed a contract deal worth 45 million dollars. Moreover, five years later, Eli Manning signed a continuation contract with the New York Giants, which was worth 97.5 million dollars. This made him the highest earning person in the NFL. Also, it increased the overall amount of Eli Manning net worth by a mile.

Also, Eli Manning is known for his family relations, as well. His brother is also known to be playing in the NFL and his name is Peyton Manning, who is playing in the team of Denver Broncos.

His salary is known to be higher than that of Eli Manning’s – it reaches 98 million dollars. Also, the father of Eli Manning is also known as a former NFL player, Archie Manning.

In addition to earning millions of dollars from playing in the NFL, Eli Manning is also earning a lot of revenues from his endorsement deals and one of them which bring a lot of financial success to him is a product called Directv. Currently, Eli Manning is known to be playing as a quarterback for the New York Giants team. This is one of the main sources of the current Eli Manning net worth today.

When he was studying at the University of Mississippi, Eli Manning was already playing football and proved to be really successful. In the NFL Draft of 2004, Eli Manning was chosen as the first overall pick by the team of the San Diego Chargers. However, he was soon traded for the team of the New York Giants, where he is playing right now. Eli Manning has set quite a few records as well. In the team, he is known to be the one who holds the record of most touchdown passes and completed passes in his football career.

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eli manning net worth eli manning net worth eli manning net worth

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