Elizabeth Banks net worth

Elizabeth Banks net worth

Net Worth: $16.5 Million

About Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks net worth

It has been officially said that the current amount of Elizabeth Banks net worth reaches as high as 16.5 million dollars. Elizabeth Banks is a well known actress. In addition to this career, she has also begun her career as a director as she has already worked on a couple of movies. Elizabeth Banks is well known from a couple of movies, including “The Hunger Games”, “Definitely Maybe”, “Zack and Miri Make a Porno” and “Pitch Perfect”. These movies have also increased the overall estimate of Elizabeth Banks net worth.

The actress was born in Massachusetts in 1974. Before she started her career as an actress, Elizabeth Banks was studying at the University of Pennsylvania, from which she graduated magna cum laude. She was studying communications and also focused on theater arts. In 1998, Elizabeth Banks graduated from the American Conservatory Theater, where she earned her master’s degree in fine arts. In the same year, Elizabeth Banks debuted as an actress as she appeared in “Surrender Dorothy”. In 2003 she became an even more known actress when she was chosen for a role in “Seabiscuit”.

Two years later, she appeared in a popular comedy called “The 40 Year Old Virgin”, where she starred next to Steve Carrell.

In addition to her appearances in movies, Elizabeth Banks is also known as a TV show star. As such, she had a role on the TV show called “Scrubs” and she appeared in 15 episodes of this show. Another show in which she also proved to be a success was called “30 Rock”. For her role on this one, Elizabeth Banks even became a nominee of an Emmy award.

Other productions which also have made her extremely popular include “Role Models”, “Invincible”, “Movie 43”, “People Like Us” and “The Lego Movie”, and all of these productions not only made her even more known, but also increased the total size of Elizabeth Banks net worth.

In 2003, Elizabeth Banks got married to Max Handelman, who is a sports writer. In 1992 the couple met for the first time when they were studying at the University of Pennsylvania. Together with him, Elizabeth Banks is a parent to two kids, Magnus Mitchell and Felix. It is also known that her husband is of Judaism religion and that Elizabeth Banks tried to convert to this religion, as well, because of her husband. Therefore, her personal life is also quite well known.

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