Ellen Degeneres net worth

Ellen Degeneres net worth

Net Worth: $105 Million

About Ellen Degeneres

Ellen Degeneres net worth

Ellen Lee DeGeneres is a famous American comedian, television personality and actress, best known for hosting The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Ellen DeGeneres net worth is currently estimated to be around $105 million and her annual salary for hosting the show is $45 million.

Ellen was born in Louisiana, in a family of Elizabeth Jane and Elliott Everett DeGeneres. Her mother was a speech therapist and her father used to go from door to door working as an insurance agent. Ellen was a second child in a family. Her brother Vance DeGeneres is a famous musician, actor and film producer. Although Ellen DeGeneres net worth is considerably bigger then her brother’s, he is quite successful in his professional career too. When Ellen was at the age thirteen the siblings were separated. After their parent’s divorce, Ellen and her mother moved to live in Texas and Vance stayd with their father.

However, Ellen did not stay in this southern state for too long. After the graduation she left her mother’s house and went to study in University of New Orleans. Ellen was a talented student and eventually got a major in communication studies.

At that time Ellen DeGeneres net worth was incomparable to her current fortunes, thus she had to take various jobs to pay her bills. During this early period of her life she has worked in a supermarket as a clothes saleswoman, did some clerical work, served as a waitress and bartender in a restaurant, painted houses, etc. Ellen started her professional career when she was just a little over 20 year old. By the early 1980s she has already toured around the States as a standup comedian. It looks like the audience fell in love with Ellen at the first sight- in 1982 the Showtime, America’s premium cable channel, named DeGeneres to be The Finniest Person in America.

A real breakthrough in Ellen’s career came in 2003, when The Ellen DeGeneres Show was first aired on television. The show soon became a huge success. After the first few episodes, which included talks with Rita Rudner and Sharon Osborne, the ratings of the show started to grow at what seemed to be geometrical progression. After the first season on TV Ellen DeGeneres Show was awarded as the Best Talk Show and was nominated for eleven more Emmy Daytime Awards. For the moment, the show has been on the air for ten years. It is still extremely popular, adding a solid sum to Ellen DeGeneres net worth every single season. According to Forbes Ellen’s annual income after 2008 has stayed above $45 million, peaking at $55 and $53 million in the year 2009 and 2011 respectively.

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Ellen DeGeneres net worth

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