Ellen Pompeo net worth

Ellen Pompeo net worth

Net Worth: $35 Million

About Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo net worth

Ellen Pompeo is one of the most well known TV actresses. It has been claimed that the current sum of Ellen Pompeo net worth reaches 35 million dollars. Ellen Pompeo is mostly known from the TV series called “Grey’s Anatomy”. It has been stated that for every episode of the show, she is paid 350 thousand dollars and such sum of money increases Ellen Pompeo net worth, as well. In these series, Ellen Pompeo is portraying a role of Meredith Grey, which is one of the leading characters. In 2007, Ellen Pompeo was nominated with a Golden Globe for her appearance in “Grey’s Anatomy”.
In addition to being a TV star, Ellen Pompeo has also appeared in a few films. In 2002, she was casted for a role in a movie “Moonlight Mile”. One year later, she appeared in two more films – “Daredevil” and “Old School”.

Ellen Pompeo was born in Massachusetts in 1969. When she was only 4 years old, Ellen Pompeo’s mother passed away due to the overdosing of painkiller. Soon after her mother’s death, Ellen Pompeo’s father married again. Ellen Pompeo began appearing on TV screens when she got some small roles in TV shows, including “Friends”, “Law and Order” and “Strangers with Candy”.

In 2001, Ellen Pompeo moved to Los Angeles, where she got more abilities to show her talent in acting, which began to add huge sums of money to Ellen Pompeo net worth. One of the first roles which she got when she moved to Los Angeles was in a movie called “Mambo Café”, where she appeared with a popular Latin actress Thalia.

In 2002, she started to get more attention when she was casted for a role of a love interest of a leading actor, the movie being called “Moonlight Mile”. In 2002, Ellen Pompeo starred in a film “Catch Me If You Can” and one year later, she got a role in a movie “Old School”. Thus, her appearances in movies also began to add first huge sums of money to the overall amount of Ellen Pompeo net worth.

Soon after, she got some guest roles in popular TV series, including “Law and Order” and “Friends”. In 2004, Ellen Pompeo starred in a movie “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, in which she starred as Naomi, an ex-girlfriend of a character portrayed by Jim Carrey. However, all the scenes in which she appeared were deleted.

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