Emma Stone net worth

Emma Stone net worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

About Emma Stone

Emma Stone net worth

Emma Stone is known as one of the most popular actors of today’s Hollywood industry. It has been estimated that the overall amount of Emma Stone net worth reaches 10 million dollars. When she was 11 years old, Emma Stone got interested into acting and became a part of the Valley Youth Theater, which is based in Phoenix, Arizona.

Four years later, Emma Stone made a presentation doing a Powerpoint in order to convince her parents that she really wanted to go to Los Angeles, where she had more abilities in acting and finally her parents agreed on it. Therefore, in 2004 Emma Stone quitted school and moved to Los Angeles with her mother. Between her various auditions, which she attended, Emma Stone did not miss any education because she was home schooled.

In 2005, she auditioned for a role of Laurie Partridge and got this role. Thus, in 2005 the TV show of “In Search of the Partridge Family” was released, which started to accumulate Emma Stone net worth. Since then, she got more and more roles in various TV shows and TV series. In 2007, Emma Stone appeared in her first movie, which was a teenage film called “Superbad”, where Emma Stone portrayed a role of Jules.

One year later, she appeared in a comedy “The House Bunny” and in 2009 she appeared in three more films, which were “Zombieland”, “Paper Man” and “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past”. All these movies added a lot of revenues to the overall amount of Emma Stone net worth. In 2010, Emma Stone was nominated to get her first Golden Globe award, which was given for her because of her appearance in a film called “Easy A”, where Emma Stone played a character of Olive Penderghast. In 2011, Emma Stone appeared in two movies, which gained much critical success and the approval from the audience, these movies being “The Help” and “Crazy, Stupid, Love”.

In 2012, Emma Stone starred in a reboot of Spider Man films, which was called “The Amazing Spider-Man”. In this production, Emma Stone played a role of Gwen Stacy. In 2013, Emma Stone got even more roles. She appeared in a film called “Gangster Squad” and is also scheduled to voice a character of Eep in the animation called “The Croods”. Moreover, there were announcements made that in 2014, Emma Stone is going to appear in a second part of the film “The Amazing Spider-Man”. Thus, Emma Stone net worth is going to increase even more.

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emma stone net worth emma stone net worth emma stone net worth

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