Emma Watson net worth

Emma Watson net worth

Net Worth: $40 Million

About Emma Watson

Emma Watson net worth

Emma Watson, full name Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson, is a British actress and model. She is known all over the world for her character Hermione Granger in legendary Harry Potter movies. Emma started filming in Harry Potter when she was nine, before that the only acting experience she had was from school plays. Emma Watson net worth is currently estimated at $40 million.

Emma was born in Paris, in a family of two British lawyers. The whole family lived in France until Emma was five. Till this day Emma can speak a little French, although she admitted that during the years in England her language skills have decreased. Her parents separated when she was still a child and after that Watson moved to Oxfordshire with her mom. On weekends she used to visit her dad in London. Emma has known that acting is her professional mission since she was 6. As soon as the daughter expressed her willingness to act, Jacqueline took her to the Stagecoach Theatre Arts school, where little Emma started practicing singing, acting and dancing. She performed in numerous Stagecoach plays, including Arthur: The Young Years.

These performances did not add a single penny to Emma Watson net worth, but it did give her some crucial skills.

Watson became a cast member on Harry Potter before she was even ten. In one of her recent interviews Emma revealed that at the time when she started filming she had no idea about the scale and budget of the movie. She also shared the opinion that her unknowingness has probably worked for the better. Had she known that starting the day the first movie appears in the cinemas the eyes of millions of kids will follow her for the next ten years, the pressure would be overwhelming. Emma got into the list of casting agents’ with a recommendation of her theatre teacher. Producers were impressed by the self-confidence that the little girl demonstrated and J.K. Rowling, the author of the famous Harry Potter novels, supported her candidacy since her first screen test. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was finished in 2001. On the day of premier it became the highest grossing film and later was titled the most profitable film of the year. Three little stars of the movie, Emma Watson, David Heyman and Daniel Radcliffe were paid accordingly.

The second movie Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets soon followed. For the performance in this movie a German magazine Bravo honored Emma with Otto Award. The third movie Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was released in 2004. Not all of the three main actors received positive evaluations for their parts in this movie. For example Radcliff was widely criticized for his stone-like expressions and lack of passion. In contrast, Watson was almost unanimously praised. As the little starlet grew, so did her salary and Emma Watson net worth. In 2007 she received a $4 million pay check for her role in Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix. Her appearance in the first part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows three years later earned Emma almost three times more. The last movie of Harry Potter series replenished Emma Watson net worth with yet another $15 million.

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emma watson net worth emma watson net worth emma watson net worth

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