Epic Meal Time net worth

Epic Meal Time net worth

Net Worth: $2.5 Million

About Epic Meal Time

Epic Meal Time net worth

It has been claimed that the total amount of Epic Meal Time net worth reaches 2.5 million dollars. Epic Meal Time is a production created by Canadians, videos of which are posted on their Youtube channel. Epic Meal Time is known for producing food which has a lot of calories, usually include meat, more specifically – bacon, and also a lot of alcohol, mostly Jack Daniel’s. The first video of this show as broadcasted in 2010, and since that time a lot of videos have been posted, which also increased the total sum of Epic Meal Time net worth. Also, since that time, every Tuesday a new episode is released on their channel on Youtube.

The host of these videos is known to be mainly Harley Morenstein and he is joined by some of his friends. Currently, the staff of the show is managed by Brillstein-Grey Entertainment as well as The Gersh Agency. In addition to this, Epic Meal Time got an opportunity to sign a contract to Internet Television Network Revision3. Epic Meal Time even became a winner of Shorty Award in 2011. Thus, not only Epic Meal Time net worth has increased, but the show has also gained some recognition and received some awards.

The first episodes of the show were broadcasted from the staff’s home place in Quebec, however, the latest episodes have been filmed in California. When filming in the latter location, the show is sometimes visited by well known people, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tony Hawk.

In 2012, Epic Meal Time started another production called Epic Chef. The creators of the show were inspired by another show called Chopped, which airs on Food Network. In the Epic Chef, two chefs are competing in cooking a meal, which must consist of at least bacon and some type of alcohol.

Epic Meal Time was created when Harley Morenstein was filmed by his friends eating a hamburger which consisted of 18 bacon strips and 6 beef patties. Soon, the video was posted on Youtube and it began to get many hits, as a lot of people were watching it.

The first episode of Epic Meal Time was called “The Worst Pizza Ever”. This pizza was created using a taco, a KFC popcorn chicken, French fries, McDonald’s Big Mac, McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets and some other ingredients related to fast food. This pizza consisted of almost 290 grams of fat and 5.210 calories.

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