Eric Benet net worth

Eric Benet net worth

Net Worth: $5 Million

About Eric Benet

Eric Benet net worth

It has been said that the current sum of Eric Benet net worth is 5 million dollars. However, there are some other sources which have stated that his net worth is much higher than that and reaches 28 million dollars. Eric Benet became famous because of his career in music, where he is not only a song writer, but also a singer of RnB and neo soul music.

Eric Benet was born in Mobile, Alabama in 1966. Eric Benet’s involvement into music has been recognized and awarded as he is a winner of four Grammy awards. When he was a teenager, he began his career as a singer when he was a part of a family band called “Benet”, where he was joined by his sister and cousin. The band was signed to Capitol Records. In 1992 their first album was released, but it did not achieve any success.

Soon after that, Eric Benet started his career as a solo singer. As a solo artist, he was signed to the label of Warner Bros. In 1996 his first album was released called “True to Myself”. The sales of this album have also added up to the total size of Eric Benet net worth.

In 2001 he became known for quite different reasons.

It was this year when he married Halle Berry, who is a popular actress. A lot of people believe that it was because of her that Eric Benet also wanted to get involved into acting industry, which eventually became one of the main sources of Eric Benet net worth, as well. Eric Benet was chosen for a role in the TV show called “For Your Love” on WB. In 2001, he got a role in his first movie called “Glitter”. In 2004, however, Eric Benet and Halle Berry divorced.

A year before that, Eric Benet released one more album called “Hurricane”. After the divorce, Eric Benet moved back to Wisconsin, where he began working on “Love and Life”, which was released in 2008. Because of it, Eric Benet received two Grammy nominations. Two years later, Eric Benet released “Lost in Time”. The album included songs from the 1970s and they were mostly soul songs. In 2012, he released “One”, where other artists appeared too, such as Shaggy and Lil Wayne. Therefore, these productions have also added up to the overall amount of Eric Benet net worth.

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