Eric Clapton net worth

Eric Clapton net worth

Net Worth: $200 Million

About Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton net worth

Eric Clapton, middle name Patrick, is a legendary English singer, guitarist and songwriter. He gained prominence in the 1960s, performing with the band Yardbirds and later moved on to play with Bluesbreakers. In 1970s he was influenced by the music off Bob Marley and J.J. Cole. Probably the most popular singles ever recorded by Clapton are “Layla” (with Derek and the Dominoes) , “Crossroads” (with Cream) and “Tears in Heaven”. This latest song was recorded after the tragic death of Eric’s son in the early 1990s and reflects his endless grief over the loss. As for today, Eric Clapton net worth is estimated at $200 millions, making him one of the richest British singers.
It is a little known fact, that Eric is the only musician in history to be inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame three separate times: as solo artist, as a member of the band Cream and as a member of the Yardbirds. Clapton is widely considered to be one of the greatest guitarists in history. An influential music magazine Rolling Stone ranked him second in its “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time List”, while Gibson placed him fourth.

Nobody who has ever heard him play live could doubt that Eric Clapton net worth is a poor reflection of his talent: he is actually worth much more.
Eric was born in Ripley, England, to the teenage mother Patricia Molly Clapton, after her short affair with a significantly older solder from Quebec, Edward Walter Fryer. He left for the war before Eric was born and although survived, never returned to the United States. All through his childhood Clapton was raised on the lie that Patricia is actually his older sister, while his parents are Rose and Jack, his actual grandma and her second husband, Patricia’s stepfather. Eric’s talent for music unfolded quite early. He got his first acoustic guitar for 13th birthday, however, a couple of years had to pass before he actually started working on the skills that later boosted Eric Clapton net worth to hundreds of millions.
By the time he turned 16, Eric’s guitar skills were so impressive, that the teenager was getting noticed by the older musicians. In early 1960s he performed with David Brock, The Rooster and Casey Jones &The Engineers. Eric Clapton net worth started to grow in 1963, when the young artist joined The Yardbirds. Together with a fellow musician Sonny Boy Williamson II the band toured all over England and was well received in every town they visited. It was back than that Clapton became one of the most talked about musicians in Britain. Although since then England has nurtured plenty of talented artists, Eric still keeps a special place in British scene.

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