Erica Durance plastic surgery

Erica Durance plastic surgery

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Erica Durance plastic surgery

Recently people started speculating about possible Erica Durance plastic surgery. The main reason for this is probably the fact that she is getting close to her 40s and yet she still looks as amazing as before. Erica Durance is a famous actress, mostly known for her roles in TV series “Smallville”, “House of the Dead” and others. Not many years ago she has gotten a role in a modern version of “Charlie’s Angels” which was successful and it has made her even more famous.

There are quite a few different speculations about Erica Durance plastic surgery. It is rumored that she might have had a rhinoplasty procedure, breast implants, liposuction and lip fillers. However, there is no proof to support any of these rumors. Even when we look at the photo comparisons, we can see that there were no sudden changes on actress’s face or body. We can see little changes on her face and in her chest area, but these changes could have happened naturally, especially if we consider the fact that the compared photos we taken a few years apart. Also, even the lighting, view angle and person’s facial expression can make a huge difference.

Erica Durance herself hasn’t neither confirmed nor denied any of these rumors. This might be another reason to create these rumors, because it seems strange that she doesn’t deny it if she really didn’t have anything done. One way or another, her appearance seems natural and even if she did have something done, the procedures were very subtle and there are no drastic changes seen neither on her face nor on her body.

It seems that it is her good genes and taking care of her body which help her maintain youthful appearance over the years. Hollywood is filled with all kinds of stories about celebrity plastic surgeries that went wrong and Erica Durance’s fans are probably happy that she isn’t one of the “plastic” looking celebrities with frozen and expressionless face. At least for now, she looks as natural as it gets.

All things considered, it seems that the rumors about possible Erica Durance plastic surgery aren’t true. Looking at the actress’s latest appearances, we can see that she looks naturally beautiful and she doesn’t really need any kind of surgical alteration. Most of her fans agree with that and hope that Erica Durance will continue to embrace her natural beauty and won’t become one of the plastic surgery celebrities.

Did Erica Durance Undergone Plastic Surgery

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