Evelyn De Rothschild net worth

Evelyn De Rothschild net worth

Net Worth: $20 Million

About Evelyn De Rothschild

Evelyn De Rothschild net worth

Evelyn Robert de Rothschild is a prominent British financer and a member of one of the most influential families. Evelyn de Rothschild net worth is currently estimated at $20 million, placing him among the wealthiest man in the world. The billionaire was born to Yvonne Cahen d’Anvers and Anthony Gustav de Rothschild. His paternal family line runs down to Mayer Amschel Rothschild, a Jewish-German banker and the founder of the influential Rothschild banking dynasty. Although Evelyn’s great ancestor’s fortunes were miserable compared to Evelyn de Rothschild net worth, he was amazingly wealthy man. Among his ancestors are also such financial magnates as Nathan Mayer Rothschild, Lionel Nathan de Rothschild and Leopold de Rothschild (who was also a race horse breeder). He was named in honor of his uncle, Evelyn Achille de Rothschild, who died fighting during the First World War.
After graduation from Harrow school, Evelyn studied history in the prestigious Trinity College. He later continued his studies at Cambridge University, but never earned a degree. It would not be misleading to say that Evelyn de Rothschild net worth was astonishing since he was in diapers.

As he turned 20, the inheritor of amazing fortune became arguably the most eligible bachelor in the United Kingdom. Despite the unceasing attention from woman of all classes and ranks, Evelyn did not hurry to marry and enjoyed his youth socializing, travelling, playing polo and collecting luxurious sports cars. For quite a long time Evelyn has also managed to avoid joining his family’s banking house, N M Rothschild & Sons, and getting down to work. He only started training in business at the age of 26. Around the same time his father had to retire from the position of Chairman due to his illness and Victor Rothschild, Evelyn’s cousin, took over the lead of the company.
In 1968 Evelyn Robert was appointed to chair a Paris-based business branch de Rothschild Frères. In 1976 he replaced Victor Rothschild as the Chairman of N M Rothschild & Sons. Six years later Evelyn was appointed to lead a subsidiary company, Rothschilds Continuation Holdings. In addition to his work in dynasty’s banking house, the billionaire was actively involved in other private and public organizations. For example, he has served as the chairman of The Economist, British Merchant Banking & Securities House Association and United Racecourses. For decades he has also been a director of De Beers Consolidated Mines and IBM Kingdom Holdings Limited. Why would the person who already has a fortune as great as Evelyn de Rothschild net worth bother himself with taking this many additional duties? There is a plenty of possible answers, but nobody doubts that one of the most important benefits he received from these business positions was the social and political influence.

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evelyn de rothschild net worth evelyn de rothschild net worth

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