Fan Bing Bing plastic surgery

Fan Bing Bing plastic surgery

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Fan Bing Bing plastic surgery

Hollywood celebrities aren’t the only ones who get all kinds of rumors about their plastic surgery. Recently people started talking about possible Fan Bing Bing plastic surgery. She is one of the most popular Chinese actress’s mostly recognized for her role in TV series “Princess Pearl”.

There have been several different theories about which procedures she have possibly gotten. Most of the Fan Bing Bing plastic surgery rumors are concentrating on actress’s nose and eyes. It appears that her eyes have become wider – some people believe that she might have had eye lid surgery to make her eyes look less Asian. It is also rumored that Fan Bing Bing might have had a rhinoplasty procedure done at some point of her life. Reason for this is that when we look at some of the photo comparisons, we can see that in some photos her nose appears to be slightly bigger.

However, none of the Fan Bing Bing plastic surgery have been confirmed. Actress has denied having any kind of plastic surgery. In fact, she has even won a case in court against plastic surgery clinic which used her photo to advertise their business.

It is entirely possible that Fan Bing Bing is telling the truth and she doesn’t have any experience with plastic surgery. Nowadays, when photos can be easily manipulated and edited, it is hard to tell if there really have been changes in persons appearance or is it just optical illusion.

Also, most of the photos used for comparisons are taken from various advertisements – they do not show how actress looks natural and she is wearing heavy make-up. One way or another, she is a beautiful actress and it is obvious that she doesn’t need any kind of plastic surgery to look as amazing as she does. When a person is given such good looks it would be a big risk for them to choose going under the knife. There are many examples which show that plastic surgery not always go as expected and some people and up looking worse than they did before plastic surgery.

All things considered, it seems that the rumors about Fan Bing Bing plastic surgery are not true. Actress looks very natural and there aren’t any drastic in her appearance which would indicate plastic surgery. She is a beautiful actress and her appearance is so perfect that there is nothing that needs to be fixed.

Did Fan Bing Bing Undergone Plastic Surgery

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