Fergie plastic surgery

Fergie plastic surgery

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Fergie plastic surgery

Nowadays more and more celebrities choose to go under the knife when they start getting older. For quite some time people were questioning the possibility of Fergie plastic surgery. For those who don’t know, Fergie, whose real name is Stacey Ann Ferguson is a famous singer. She has gained most of her fame after she joined the popular hip-hop band “Black Eyes Peas”.

Even though none of the rumors about Fergie plastic surgery have been confirmed, some people believe that she might be one of the plastic surgery celebrities. Probably the most speculated surgeries that Fergie might have had are breast augmentation, forehead lift and Botox injections. These speculations are based solely on photo comparisons. A famous plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Schwartz has been asked to comment on this subject. According to him, it is clear that she has had eye lid lift, brow lift and cheek fillers.

Fergie hasn’t confirmed any of the rumors regarding her plastic surgery, but she hasn’t denied using Botox. Despite that, photo comparisons show enough evidence to see which procedures she might have had.

Looking at some of the older photos and comparing them with the more recent ones, we can see that Fergie’s nose shape has definitely changed – it has become thinner and the tip of the nose looks more defined than it did before. Also, it is obvious that Fergie’s breast size has changed – they have become at least one size bigger in a short period of time. Some of her fans have noticed that singer has become much more confident and tends to wear clothes with bigger cleavage now that her beasts are bigger. All of these little things are pointing to the fact that there has been a Fergie plastic surgery and her looks aren’t all natural. One way or another, most of the people would agree that she is a beautiful woman, with or without plastic surgery. The procedures that she has gotten were done professionally and haven’t ruined her looks.

All things considered, it seems that there has been a few Fergie plastic surgery procedures that she has gotten over the years. We cannot state it as a fact, because it hasn’t been confirmed, but it is very likely to be true. Either way, Fergie isn’t one of those celebrities who have ruined their appearance with plastic surgery. Looking at some of her photos, we can see that these procedures have only made her look more beautiful and youthful, without altering her natural looks too much.

Did Fergie Undergone Plastic Surgery

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