Finola Hughes net worth

Finola Hughes net worth

Net Worth: $8 Million

About Finola Hughes

Finola Hughes net worth

Finola Hughes is a popular actress. In addition to this, she is a TV personality, dancer, author and entrepreneur. All of these activities have served as important sources when it comes to increasing the total size of Finola Hughes net worth, which has been claimed to reach 8 million dollars, according to the recent estimations.
Finola Hughes can be remembered from her role as Anna Devane in the ABC production called “General Hospital”. Also, she was appearing on another series on ABC, called “All My Children”. In 1983, the actress played the role of Laura in the movie called “Staying Alive”. The film was a sequel to “Saturday Night Fever”. Thus, these appearances have made her name recognized and also increased the overall sum of Finola Hughes net worth.
Talking about her appearances on “All My Children”, Finola Hughes there played the role of Dr. Alexandra Devane Marick. Moreover, she appeared in “Charmed” as Patty Halliwell. Then, Finola Hughes began to appear in the final seasons of the series on NBC called “Blossom”, where she got the role of Carol. In addition to her many TV appearances, she has also had roles in some movies, such as “Above Suspicion”, “Like Crazy” and “Aspen Extreme”.

Thus, her film work has also added up to the current estimate of Finola Hughes net worth.
Before she became a professional actress, Finola Hughes was a student at the Arts Educational Schools London. In 1981, she appeared in the musical called “Cats”, where she played the role of Victoria the White Cat. Two years later, the actress joined John Travolta in the film called “Staying Alive”. In 1996, the actress got the role of Emma Frost to portray in the TV film called “Generation X”.
One year later, Finola Hughes appeared in the TV series, which did not last for a long time, called “Pacific Palisades”. Then, she got a recurring guest role in the TV series called “Charmed”. Also, she has appeared as a voice actress on some occasions, such as playing the role of Lara in “Superman: The Animated Series”. Also, she appeared in one episode of the TV series called “Life with Louie”. Therefore, her appearances as a voice actress have also increased the total amount of Finola Hughes net worth.
In the period of 1985-1992, she became even more recognized from TV screens when she was appearing in the TV soap opera called “General Hospital”. In these series, Finola Hughes played the role of Anna Devane. In 1991, because of her role in these series, she was awarded a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress. In 1991, Finola Hughes appeared in the film called “Soapdish”.
In 1993, the actress got a leading role in the movie called “Aspen Extreme”. In 2008, she also appeared in the spin-off version of the show “General Hospital”, called “General Hospital: Night Shift”. In 2010, the actress had roles in three different productions, called “Make It or Break It”, “CSI: New York” and “Melissa & Joey”.

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