Flip Wilson net worth

Flip Wilson net worth

Net Worth: $6 Million

About Flip Wilson

Flip Wilson net worth

It has been announced that the total estimate of Flip Wilson net worth reaches 6 million dollars. He was a well known comedian and actor, who was born in 1933 and passed away in 1998. In the beginning of the 1970s, his name became popular when he got his own comedy show called “The Flip Wilson Show”. The show also increased the total amount of Flip Wilson net worth a lot. Flip Wilson became a winner of some awards because of his work on the show, such as two Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe Award. In 1972, Flip Wilson appeared on the cover of Time magazine, which titled him the ‘TV’s first black superstar’.
Flip Wilson was born in 1933 in Jersey City, New Jersey. His real birth name is Clerow Wilson, Jr. He grew up in a large family as he was one out of ten kids. When he was only 7 years old, his mother left the family. Because of the fact that his father could not take care of all of his children, he had to leave some of them in foster houses. When he was 16 years old, Flip Wilson joined the United States Air Force. He used to tell many funny stories there and was sent to other bases to cheer other servicemen up.

When his service was over, Flip Wilson got a job as a bellhop at San Francisco’s Manor Plaza Hotel.
In the 1960s, he was appearing at the Apollo Theater. He later appeared as a guest on many TV shows, including “The Ed Sullivan Show”, “The Tonight Show” and “Laugh-In”. In 1970, he received a Grammy award because of his successful comedy album called “The Devil Made Me Buy This Dress”, sales of which have also increased the total size of Flip Wilson net worth. Flip Wilson appeared as a regular guest on the show called “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In”. Flip Wilson’s most successful comedy album is considered to be “Cowboys and Colored People”, which included his routine called “Columbus”, which brought him to Hollywood. Because of this routine, Flip Wilson got his own show, which made him even more known and recognized.
In 1970, NBC began to broadcast his show called “The Flip Wilson Show”. The show always received high ratings and positive comments from critics. The show was nominated for eleven Emmy Awards, too, and became a winner of two of them. Flip Wilson himself became a recipient of a Golden Globe award for Best Actor in a Television Series.
After the show ended, Flip Wilson continued to make appearances in comedy and variety shows, which made his name more known. Among many other shows, Flip Wilson appeared on “The Dean Martin Show” and “Here’s Lucy”. Ed Sullivan invited Flip Wilson to appear on his show and later Flip Wilson claimed that he was a major boost in his comedy career. In addition, Flip Wilson appeared in some movies, such as “The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh” and “Uptown Saturday Night”. Therefore, all of these appearances made him more known and added up to the overall sum of Flip Wilson net worth.

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