Forrest Griffin net worth

Forrest Griffin net worth

Net Worth: $7 Million

About Forrest Griffin

Forrest Griffin net worth

It has been announced that the overall estimate of Forrest Griffin net worth today reaches 7 million dollars. He has earned such a net worth through his career as a mixed martial artist, although today he is retired from this career. In 2005, Forrest Griffin’s representative became the Ultimate Fighting Championship. While belonging there, Forrest Griffin became Light Heavyweight Champion. Before he started his career in mixed martial arts, he was working as a police officer.

Forrest Griffin started to attract attention when he became a winner of The Ultimate Fighter. In fact, one of his fights on the Ultimate Fighter is regarded to be a success of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. This fight was against Stephan Bonnar, in which Forrest Griffin defeated him. The fight is also still regarded as one of the most popular fights of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Thus, this winning also increased the total size of Forrest Griffin net worth.

In addition to being a fighter of mixed martial arts, he is also known as a coach. As such, he also appeared on the Ultimate Fighter 7, where on his opposite side was Quinton Jackson.

Forrest Griffin is also known as one of the fighters who after winning the Ultimate Fighter became the winners of the UFC championships. Besides him, it has been done by Matt Serra and Rashad Evans.
The fighter was born in 1979. When he finished high school, Forrest Griffin entered the University of Georgia, where he was studying Political Science and earned his BA degree. It was also this time that simultaneously he was studying at the university and also working as a police officer.

The first time he entered gym was at the HardCore Gym established in Athens, Georgia. He was trained there for five years and his coaches were Rory and Adam Singer. Seeing that he could be a success in mixed martial arts, Forrest Griffin left his job as a police officer and concentrated on his career as a fighter, which eventually became the main source of Forrest Griffin net worth.
Currently, he is also working as a trainer at the Throwdown Training Center. Before he entered the Ultimate Fighter, Forrest Griffin fought against many other fighters, such as Jeremy Horn, Jeff Monson and Chael Sonnen. One of his early fights was also against Edson Paradeo, and this fight is also remembered to Forrest Griffin himself, since during it his left arm was broken.

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