Foxy Brown net worth

Foxy Brown net worth

Net Worth: $1.8 Million

About Foxy Brown

Foxy Brown net worth

It has been announced that the current estimate of Foxy Brown net worth reaches 1.8 million dollars. In fact, she is regarded as one of the most successful female rappers in the industry. In addition to being a rapper, she is also known as an actress and a model and these two are also considered as important sources of Foxy Brown net worth. Foxy Brown is known as a solo singer as well as a member of a hip hop group called “The Firm”. Also, Foxy Brown has been involved into many collaborations with other artists.

Foxy Brown was born in 1978 and she grew up in Brooklyn neighborhood in New York. Her father left her and the rest of the family because he wanted to focus on his work in the entertainment industry. In 1996, Foxy Brown released an album called “I II Na na”. In 1999, another album of hers was released, which was called “Chyna Doll”. Two years later, the third album of Foxy Brown was released, titled “Broken Silence”. The sales of all these albums also added up to the overall amount of Foxy Brown net worth.

Also, in 1997, her group’s “The Firm” album was released, which was self-titled and which also has been the first and currently the last album of the band.

Also, during her career as a rapper, Foxy Brown also got some controversies. She even had to serve some time in jail. After the release of her third album, for some time Foxy Brown wrote verses but did not release any subsequent albums. In 2003, Foxy Brown decided to stop working with Def Jam Recordings. As a result, the release of her fourth album “I II Na Na 2” was also canceled.

Nevertheless, in 2005, Foxy Brown resigned to this label due to Jay-Z, who encouraged her to work on her fourth album called “Black Roses”. Also, in the same year Foxy brown started suffering hearing loss, and as a result, she had to postpone her career as a rapper for some time. Finally, her fourth album was released in 2008 after a lot of declines because she also had to serve in jail at that time. Nevertheless, the sales of this album also increased the overall amount of Foxy Brown net worth. In 2007, Foxy Brown actually was signed to another label, Koch Records. In 2008, her album called “Brooklyn’s Don Diva” was released under this label.

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