Francesca Hilton net worth

Francesca Hilton net worth

Net Worth: $10 Thousand

About Francesca Hilton

Francesca Hilton net worth

It has been announced that the total size of Francesca Hilton net worth is as much as 10 thousand dollars. She was born in 1947 and passed away in 2015. Her real birth name is Constance Francesca Gabor Hilton, however, in entertainment industry she was mostly known as Francesca Hilton. She was a well known actress, but in addition to this career, Francesca Hilton also was involved into photography and comedy. Thus, all of these three spheres have added up a lot of revenues to the overall amount of Francesca Hilton net worth.
Francesca Hilton was born into a well known and wealthy family as she was the only child of Conrad Hilton, who was a founder of Hilton Hotels, from his second marriage to Zsa Zsa Gabor, who was an actress, as well. Thus, Francesca Hilton decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps and became an actress, too. Acting, thus, also served as an important source of accumulating the total estimate of Francesca Hilton net worth.
Francesca Hilton was born in New York City in 1947. When she was a little girl, her mother would usually bring her to movie premiers. Also, Francesca Hilton competed as an equestrian when she was little.

When she was a teenager, during her summers Francesca Hilton was working in reservations at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. In 1979 her father passed away and his wealth was left to the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation. Francesca Hilton contested her father’s will and as a result she received 100 thousand dollars, but lost the suit.
Talking about her career as an actress, Francesca Hilton appeared in “A Safe Place” in 1971. In 1974 she got a role in “The Gravy Train”. In the 80s, Francesca Hilton was also working as a photographer. Thus, this career was another important source of Francesca Hilton net worth. In addition to that, Francesca Hilton was working for the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation. Other three productions in which she appeared in the 1990s include “Pterodactyl Woman from Beverly Hills”, “Forever Fabulous” and “Liz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story”.
In 2008 Francesca Hilton began a new career, that being a comedian. She was a regular performer at The Comedy Store in West Hollywood. Thus, this career also added up to the overall sum of Francesca Hilton net worth. Most of her comedy routines were about her own family. In one of her performances, Francesca Hilton stated that her great-nieces, socialites Nicky and Paris Hilton, were “pole dancers and porn stars”.

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