Frank Abagnale net worth

Frank Abagnale net worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

About Frank Abagnale

Frank Abagnale net worth

Frank Abagnale is a well known personality in the United States. It has been stated that the current sum of Frank Abagnale net worth reaches 10 million dollars. A huge part of his net worth has been accumulated because of his position as a security consultant. During his working years, he became known as an impostor, forger and confidence trickster. His work made Frank Abagnale to become one of the most popular impostors in the world of all time. He had many forged identities, such as a lawyer, a pilot and an agent of US Bureau of Prisons. Before his 21st birthday, Frank Abagnale ran away from police successfully two times.

Before he became involved into federal government,

Frank Abagnale also served his time in jail for less than five years. His career as an impostor made him not only famous, but it also increased the overall sum of Frank Abagnale net worth. Currently, he is working in the FBI academy, where he is a lecturer and a consultant. This position is regarded as one of the main sources of Frank Abagnale net worth today. Frank Abagnale is also known to be in charge for the financial fraud consulting firm which is called Abagnale and Associates.

Frank Abagnale also served as an inspiration for the movie called “Catch Me If You Can”, in which Leonardo Di Caprio appeared. Also, a musical and a book of the same title were released, with Frank Abagnale being the inspiration of them too.

Frank Abagnale was born in 1948 and spent a huge part of his life in New York. When he was still a teenager, his parents divorced. When he was only a 15 years old, Frank Abagnale made his first fraud, which involved his father, as well. Because of it, his father was liable for a sum of 3.4 thousand dollars.

His first bank frauds started with Frank Abagnale writing personal checks on his own account, which was already overdrawn. The bank to which his account belonged soon figured it out and Frank Abagnale decided to open new accounts in various banks in order to keep this fraud. Thus, his banks fraud also made him richer, with increasing the total estimate of Frank Abagnale net worth. Soon, he got involved into impersonating other people. One of such was impersonating airline pilots and this was due to a reason that he wanted to travel the world with paying no money.

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