Frank Fritz net worth

Frank Fritz net worth

Net Worth: $4 Million

About Frank Fritz

Frank Fritz net worth

It has been stated that the total estimate of Frank Fritz net worth today reaches a sum of 4 million dollars. Frank Fritz has accumulated a bigger part of his net worth through his career as an owner of the antique shop. He is also known as a face from TV screens, where he is appearing on the TV reality show called “American Pickers”, which is aired on the History Channel. Therefore, these two sources are considered as the most important ones when it comes to accumulating the overall size of Frank Fritz net worth.

Frank Fritz was born in Davenport, Iowa, in 1965, where he was also raised. When he was a child, he got interested into collecting and at an early age he would collect cans and rocks. Before he got involved into his business, Frank Fritz was working as a fire and safety inspector. However, he was never satisfied with this job and had dreams of working in the field related to antiques. Today, it is known that Frank Fritz is travelling all across the United States, where he is visiting garages, houses and barns and looking for things which he could sell or collect.

Talking more about his first career, fire inspector, he worked as such for 25 years.

It was also this time when he started to collect trinkets related to firehouses. He realized that he could become a great businessman when he sold one trinket for 475 dollars, whereas it was worth only 15 dollars. Thus, his career as a businessman started from this and since that time it has added a lot to the overall amount of Frank Fritz net worth.

When Frank Fritz was a student at Sudlow Intermediate School, he made friends with another collector, Mike Wolfe. Differently than Frank Fritz, Mike Wolfe liked to collect trinkets related to old bicycles as well as jack-o-lanterns.

In 2002, Fran Fritz stopped working in the fire and safety inspector’s field, and focused on his career as a collector. In fact, he even established his antique shop, which was titled “Frank’s Finds”. Frank Fritz is known to be travelling to many different states, where he is looking for items which he could sell in his shop.

Therefore, this career is also regarded as a very important one when it comes to accumulating the total amount of Frank Fritz net worth. Another source of his success and fame is the TV show on the History Channel, called “American Pickers”.

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