Frank Iero net worth

Frank Iero net worth

Net Worth: $16 Million

About Frank Iero

Frank Iero net worth

It has been announced that the current estimate of Frank Iero net worth is as high as 16 million dollars. He has earned his net worth because of his career as a musician. Frank Iero served as the rhythm guitarist and back-up singer in a few bands, such as My Chemical Romance and Leathermouth.
In addition to that, Frank Iero is known for his solo project called frnkiero andthe patience. In 2014, he released an album using this project, called “Stomachaches”. In the same year, the single was released from this album, called “Weighted”, which aired on BBC Radio One. Thus, all of these involvements have added up a lot to the current amount of Frank Iero net worth.
The musician was born in 1981 in Belleville, New Jersey. He was raised in Kearny. Because of the fact that when he was a child, he was sick a lot, he spent most of this time in hospitals. After these illnesses, he developed quite a few allergies to food. After high school, Frank Iero received a scholarship to study at Rutgers University. However, he has never finished it as he stopped his studies in order to go on tour with My Chemical Romance.

When he was young, his parents divorced and Frank Iero was raised by his mother. She allowed him practicing music in the basement. Frank Iero’s father was also a musician and he decided to follow in his footsteps. Music eventually became the main source of increasing the current size of Frank Iero net worth. His father wanted him to become a drum player but he instead went on to play the guitar.
When he was 11 years old, Frank Iero was already appearing with some local punk groups. Before he became a member of My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero was the leading member of another band, called Pencey Prep. Before this group disbanded, they managed to release one album called “Heartbreak in Stereo”. At the same time when he belonged to Pencey Prep, Frank Iero made friends with the members of My Chemical Romance and helped them a lot to book their first concerts.
When Pencey Prep disbanded, Frank Iero belonged to some other groups for short periods of time, such as American Nightmare, I Am A Graveyard, Sector 12 and Hybrid. Only some time later, he was offered to become a member of My Chemical Romance, which added most of the revenues to the current sum of Frank Iero net worth. He belonged to this group in the period of 2002-2013.
He appeared in a few songs on the group’s first album called “I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love”. In 2004, Frank Iero appeared on the second album of My Chemical Romance, called “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge”. Two years later, the third album of the group was released, called “The Black Parade”. In 2010, the last album of My Chemical Romance was released, called “Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys”. Three years after that, the group disbanded.

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