Frankie Banali net worth

Frankie Banali net worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

About Frankie Banali

Frankie Banali net worth

Frankie Banali is a well known musician. It has been claimed that the total amount of Frankie Banali net worth currently reaches 10 million dollars. He established his name well known because of his career as a rock drummer. As such, he is probably best known for his appearances with the popular heavy metal group called Quiet Riot. The band has sold many multi-platinum albums, sales of which have also added up to the total estimate of Frankie Banali net worth. In 1994, his duties in the band increased when he became its manager. In addition to playing in this group, Frankie Banali has performed with some others, such as W.A.S.P. He has also collaborated with Billy Idol. Frankie Banali has gone on tours with some artists, whom he supported as a drummer, including Steppenwolf and Faster Pussycat. Thus, all of these collaborations have also added up to the total size of Frankie Banali net worth.
The musician was born in 1951 in Queens, New York City. Both of his parents are of Italian origin, Jack and Martha Banali. In 1975, Frankie Banali moved to Los Angeles, where he had more opportunities to be noticed as a drummer and he played with some local groups.

Some artists with whom he worked at that time include Goldy McJohn and Nick St. Nicholas. In 1980, he started to play with the Quiet Riot, the band which made him even more popular and added up first bigger sums of money to the total amount of Frankie Banali net worth.
In 1982, the group signed a contract with Pasha Records, which released their first effort called “Metal Health”. Eight months after the release, the album landed in the 1st place on the Billboard charts. The album became the first heavy metal album to land in the top place on the charts. In 1984, another album was released called “Condition Critical”. It was also about this time when the band members began to get into more and more arguments. In 1988, nevertheless, the group released a self-titled album. In 1989, after they went touring to promote the album, the band members decided to go their own ways.
Frankie Banali appeared as a guest drummer with W.A.S.P. Thus, when the Quiet Riot stopped performing, Frankie Banali joined W.A.S.P. In 1990, he appeared with the Faster Pussycat. In 1990 as well, Frankie Banali formed a new band called Heavy Bones, where he was joined by guitarist Gary Hoey. The group did not last for a long time, but they managed to release one album.
In 1993, Frankie Banali came back to play with the Quiet Riot. One year later, he became the manager of the group. In 2003, the group disbanded, but it added up a lot of revenues to the total sum of Frankie Banali net worth. In 2004, however, he decided to reform the band as he was joined by members Chuck Wright and Alex Grossi. In 2006, a new album of the group was released, called “Rehab”. In 2008, Frankie Banali reported that the group would be disbanding for good.

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