Frankie Muniz net worth

Frankie Muniz net worth

Net Worth: $40 Million

About Frankie Muniz

Frankie Muniz net worth

Multi-talented Francisco (Frankie) Muniz is a musician, actor, racecar driver, producer and writer. He is best known for his role in a popular television comedy Malcolm in the Middle, which garnered Frankie 2 Golden Globe and one Emmy nomination. In 2008 he made a break from acting to pursue career as a racecar driver and made it to the Atlantic Championship. Born in 1985, in 2003 eighty-year old star was considered one of the wealthiest teenagers in Hollywood. Frankie Muniz net worth is currently estimated at $40 million.

Francesco was born in New Jersey, in a family of Denis and Francesco Muniz III. His mother was of Italian and Irish decent and worked as a nurse, while his Puerto Rican-Spanish father was a restaurateur. Frankie was a second child in a family and has a sister named Christina. Denis and Francesco III divorced when the would-be star was still a kid, and the siblings with their mother subsequently moved to live to California. The acting career which boosted Frankie Muniz net worth to millions of dollars started in 1993, when he was cast for the role of Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol.

The talented boy later received some offers to appear on commercials. Frankie made his movie debut in 1997, when he got the role of Lou Gossett Jr. in a film To Dance with Olivia. He later filmed on a presentation of television movie What the Deaf Man Heard and got a small role in a romantic comedy Lost & Found. This later role brought Frankie into the sight of producers preparing to film Malcolm in the Middle. Soon after, Frankie Muniz net worth growth shifted to the high gear.

Malcolm in the Middle was first aired on February 2000 and became an instant critical and commercial success. The first episode of the show attracted an audience of twenty-three million. After the reprisals on the media the second episode was watched by twenty-six million viewers all over the United States. The show finished in 2006 and after it was over Frankie publicly announced about his intention to stop filming in traditional, mainstream Hollywood movies. Asked to comment this decision Muniz said that it was caused by a simple realization that he is turning into an adult and has to start thinking what he wants to do for the rest of this life- enacting traditional boring characters is not that.

Frankie wrote his first and yet only screenplay in 2004. It turned into the movie Granted, which was produced by Muniz himself. The same year he became an executive producer for the movie Choose Your Own Adventure: The Abominable Snowman. This animated film received extremely positive evaluations and added a solid sum to the current Frankie Muniz net worth.

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