Fred MacMurray net worth

Fred MacMurray net worth

Net Worth: $2 Million

About Fred MacMurray

Fred MacMurray net worth

It has been stated that the overall amount of Fred MacMurray net worth reaches 2 million dollars. He was a well known actor, who was born in 1908 and passed away in 1991. During his career Fred MacMurray starred in more than 100 movies, all of which made his name well known internationally and also added up a lot of revenues to the total estimate of Fred MacMurray net worth. In addition to that, he also appeared in many TV shows and series. His acting career lasted for almost half a century, starting in 1930 and ending in the 1970s. Thus, during such a long time Fred MacMurray made his name well known in show business and a huge part of Fred MacMurray net worth was accumulated.
In 1944 his name became mostly known when he appeared in a movie called “Double Indemnity”. In the movie, he appeared with Barbara Stanwyck and it was directed by Billy Wilder. In the later stages of his career, Fred MacMurray appeared as Steve Douglas in the TV series called “My Three Sons”, which aired in the period of 1960-1965 on ABC. Later, the series were broadcasted on CBS in the period of 1965-1972.

Thus, all of these appearances of him as an actor increased the overall sum of Fred MacMurray net worth by a mile.
The actor was born in 1908 in Kankakee, Illinois. When he was 2 years old, he and his family moved to Wisconsin. Fred MacMurray got a scholarship to study at Carroll College in Wisconsin. He never graduated from the school but it was this time when he got interested into performing arts and at first he played music in some local groups.
Fred MacMurray appeared in some Broadway plays such as “Three’s a Crowd” and “Roberta”. After that the actor got signed to Paramount Pictures. In 1935 he appeared in a movie called “The Gilded Lily”. Fred MacMurray appeared with some well known actors and actresses in numerous films. Some examples of them include “Alice Adams”, where he appeared with Katharine Hepburn, and “Above Suspicion”, where he starred with Joan Crawford. Fred MacMurray appeared in four movies with Carole Lombard, which include “True Confession”, “Hands Across the Table”, “Swing High, Swing Low” and “The Princess Comes Across”. Thus, all of these films have also increased the total amount of Fred MacMurray net worth.
Fred MacMurray eventually became one of the highest earning actors in Hollywood. In 1943 his payment reached 420 thousand dollars, which made him the highest paid actor in cinema industry. This sum of money also made him the fourth highest earning American.
In 1960 the actor appeared in a film called “The Apartment”, where he played the role of Walter Neff. In 1959 he appeared in a Disney movie called “The Shaggy Dog” as the father. In the period of 1960-1972 Fred MacMurray was appearing in one of the most popular TV series of all time called “My Three Sons”. In the same period of time, he also managed to appear in films, such as “Son of Flubber” and “The Absent-Minded Professor”.

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