Freida Pinto net worth

Freida Pinto net worth

Net Worth: $8 Million

About Freida Pinto

Freida Pinto net worth

It has been calculated that the total estimate of the current Freida Pinto net worth is as high as 8 million dollars. Freida Pinto is one of the most successful Indian actresses, who has appeared in a lot of British and American productions.
The actress was born in 1984 in Mumbai, India. When she was still a little girl, she wanted to become an actress. When she was studying at St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai, Freida Pinto was appearing in some stage productions as an amateur actress. When she graduated, she got involved in show business and became a TV presenter and a model. Thus, these careers began to increase the total amount of Freida Pinto net worth, as well.
In 2008, her name became recognized internationally when she appeared in the hit film called “Slumdog Millionaire”. This was her first film appearance, as well. Because of her role in it, the actress was nominated and awarded various awards. Freida Pinto won the Breakthrough Performance Award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival. Also, she was nominated for some other awards, such as an MTV Movie Award, Teen Choice Award and British Academy Film Award.

Since that time, Freida Pinto has appeared in other American and British productions, where she mostly got supporting parts. In 2011, she appeared in another successful film called “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”. The film has also increased the total sum of Freida Pinto net worth. In the same year, she appeared in another film, for which she was praised a lot, that being “Trishna”, where she played the title part. In 2014, Freida Pinto got a role in “Desert Dancer” and for her role in this film, she received positive comments once again. Because she has appeared mostly in international films, her name is not so much well known in Indian productions.
In addition to being an actress, a career which has added up a lot of revenues to the total size of Freida Pinto net worth, she has been a humanitarian and belongs to various non-profit organizations. She supports women’s empowerment.
When she was five years old, she already knew that she wanted to be an actress. She would usually play dress-up and imitate actresses which she saw on TV. In 2005, Freida Pinto became a model. She signed a contract with Elite Model Management India. She belonged to the company for two and a half years. Freida Pinto represented a few well known brands, such as Skoda, Visa, eBay, Wrigley’s Chewing Gum, Vodafone India and some others.
It was also about the same time when Freida Pinto started to attend auditions to get roles in TV productions and movies. In 2006, she became a host of the TV show called “Full Circle”, which aired on Zee International Asia Pacific. She traveled all around the world as a presenter of this show and visited such countries as Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Afghanistan. Her first auditions to appear in Hollywood or Bollywood productions were unsuccessful and only later she began to get recognition.

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freida pinto net worth freida pinto net worth freida pinto net worth

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