Gabriel Iglesias net worth

Gabriel Iglesias net worth

Net Worth: $2.5 Million

About Gabriel Iglesias

Gabriel Iglesias net worth

Gabriel Iglesias is an actor, who mainly appears in comedic productions, and is also known as a comedian. It has been stated that the current Gabriel Iglesias net worth reaches 2.5 million dollars. In addition to his careers as an actor and comedian, Gabriel Iglesias is also known as a producer, writer and a voice actor. Knowing in the industry as Fluffy, he could be mostly recognized from shows such as “Hot and Fluffy” and “I’m Not Fat… I’m Fluffy”.

In his comedian act, Gabriel Iglesias employs voice changing method, storytelling and sound effects, which proves to be a really attractive technique. Gabriel Iglesias trademarks are known to be his passion for Hawaiian style shirts as well as his constant remarks to his weight. Thus, overall, his comedian acts have increased the total amount of Gabriel Iglesias net worth a lot. Gabriel Iglesias is a really recognized and evaluated comedian. For example, Hector Saldana of San Antonio Express-News called Gabriel Iglesias a comedy genius.

Gabriel Iglesias was born in San Diego, California, in 1976. He is of Mexican origin. Also, it is known that Gabriel Iglesias usually uses his surname without the last letter ‘s’.

Growing only with his mother, Gabriel Iglesias was living in quite a lot of different places, such as Baldwin Park, Riverside, Compton and Corona. Finally, his family settled in Long Beach, where Gabriel Iglesias spent the biggest part of his life, too.

Before he got involved into entertainment business, which has added millions of dollars to Gabriel Iglesias net worth, he was working in Los Angeles as a cell phone salesman. His family did not approve of his going to the comedy business due to his financial stability, which he got in that job. However, Gabriel Iglesias still tried to get involved into comedy, where he became extremely successful.

At first, he was performing as a comedian and working in a cell phone company at once, however, he soon realized that it was too difficult and decided to take his career as a comedian as a full-time job, although his mother did not approve of that again. When he decided to quit his job in the company, Gabriel Iglesias was evicted from his home and also lost his car. Nonetheless, Gabriel Iglesias started to be preoccupied only with his career as a comedian, which today shows that it was the best decision to do, sicne comedy is one of the main sources of Gabriel Iglesias net worth.

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