Gene Simmons net worth

Gene Simmons net worth

Net Worth: $300 Million

About Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons net worth

Gene Simmons is an American singer, song writer and producer better known by his stage name The Demon. Gene is the singer and bass player at the legendary rock band Kiss, famous for its members’ black and white face paint and theatric stage outfits. Gene Simmons net worth is currently estimated at $300 million.
Gene was born Chaim Witz in Israel in 1949, in a family of Flora Klein and Feri Witz. Flora was born in Hungary and moved to Israel after most of her family was killed during Holocaust. Gene and his mother moved to New York when he was 8 years old.

His father stayed in Israel and started a new family. At that time they moved to America Simmons spoke no English and had a rough time trying to adapt among his peers. At first America did not seem a very hospitable place for the two immigrants. With nobody to help Flora was barely able to support her child. As Gene has later revealed, during their first years in the US Gene and his mother were only alive on bread and water. At that time it was impossible to imagine that Gene Simmons net worth one day will reach $300 million.

Before he started to pursue career in music Gene has done variety of jobs.

For a while he even assisted to the editor of Vogue fashion magazine and instructed sixth graders. In a beginning of 70s Gene joined a rock band named Wicked Lester. The band had the contract with Epic records and recorded an album. However, it was never released and did not add a single penny to Gene Simmons net worth.

Gene and another member of this band Harvey Eisen were unsatisfied with the style and music of the band. They made an attempt to introduce some changes and even tried to fire some members of the band but were met with a strong resistance. Unable to reform their current band Gene and Harvey decided to form a new one. Soon they were joined by Peter Criss, a drummer. The three placed an ad on the weekly newspaper The Village voice looking for a guitar player and soon the band got its fourth player, Ace Frehley.

The band rose to prominence after they released their first live recorded album entitled Alive! The album became an instant success and was certified Gold by the Recording Industries Association of America. It featured the band’s first single that managed to enter top 40 charts, “Rock and Roll All Night”. After Alive! The band soon released their most ambitious album so far, Destroyer. Initially the album enjoyed a wide popularity, but soon was forgotten. This was the start of the setback in Kiss career that lasted into the early 80s. After this stalemate the popularity of Kiss resurged. During the career that now spans over four decades Kiss has sold over 100 million records. The revenues from these sales are responsible for a bulk of Gene Simmons net worth.

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gene simmons net worth gene simmons net worth

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