George Barris net worth

George Barris net worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

About George Barris

George Barris net worth

It has been calculated that the total sum of George Barris net worth reaches 10 million dollars, according to the recent estimations. George Barris was a popular custom car designer, who lived in the period of 1925-2015. George Barris worked on a lot of custom Hollywood cars, such as 1966 Batmobile and the Munster Koach.
George Barris was born in Chicago in 1925. When his mother passed away, George Barris and his brother were sent to live in Roseville, California. When he was seven years old, he was already interested in building cars. He used balsa wood to design his first cars and he paid special attention to little details, which helped him win many competitions. Both George Barris and his brother were working at the Greek restaurant, which belonged to their family. They were given a Buick for their help, which they soon restored and changed the way it looked. This car became the first custom car on which the brothers worked. Eventually, this involvement became the main source of increasing the total estimate of George Barris net worth.
Soon, the brothers created their company called the Kustom Cars Club.

When he was studying in high school, his parents wanted him to help them in their restaurant business, however, George Barris always wanted to work in cars’ industry. Thus, when he was 18 years old, he moved to Los Angeles, where he started The Barris Custom Shop, established in Bell, California.
George Barris was also building racing cars, which caught the eye of movie executives, who asked him to build cars for their personal use or for actors to use in films. Thus, George Barris soon became recognized from the film industry, which also increased the total size of George Barris net worth. In 1958, George Barris designed his first car used in a film, which was in “High School Confidential”.
George Barris married Shirley in the 1950s and credited her with helping him a lot in running his company called Barris Kustom Industries, which also served as an important source of increasing the total amount of George Barris net worth. Tom Wolfe has written about George Barris in his first collection of essays called “The Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby”.
George Barris became even more known when his designed cars were featured in films. George Barris designed a modified version of Dodge Charger, which was shown in the film called “Thunder Alley”. His Plymouth Barracuda was featured in the film called “Fireball 500”. Also, George Barris created a futuristic Supervan, which appeared in the film “Supervan”.
Also, his designed car can be noticed in the film called “The Silencers”, for which he built a gadget-filled Mercury station wagon. George Barris designed a Lincoln Continental Mark III, which was featured in the film “The Car”. Thus, these modeled cars made his name even more known and also increased the total estimate of George Barris net worth by a mile, making him one of the most successful car designers in the world.

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