George Clooney net worth

George Clooney net worth

Net Worth: $160 Million

About George Clooney

George Clooney net worth

George Timothy Clooney is a well known American actor, screenwriter and producer loved both for his talent and personal charm. His most noticeable appearances include movies like Batman and Robin, Three Kings, Ocean’s Eleven film series, Up in the Air and The Descendants. These and other movies have gained George Clooney net worth of $160 million and various accolades, including Academy Award and 3 Golden Globes. Clooney is also famous for his political activism, especially in the peacekeeping field, and work in cooperation with United Nations.

George was born in Kentucky, to Nina Bruce and Nick Clooney. Both of his parents were related to the show business in their own way. His mother used to compete in various beauty contests when she was young and his father was a former television host, known for the show American Movie Classics. George is neither the only star, nor the only film industry representative in his family. His aunt Rosemary Clooney was a famous 20th century American singer and actress, known for such hits like Come on- a My House. Her sons Rafael and Miguel Jose Ferrer are also actors.

However, neither of them can compete with George Clooney net worth and success.

As a kid, George was raised on Catholic values and had to attend a Catholic school. In his childhood Clooney developed a terrible disease, called Bell’s palsy. It has caused half of his face to be paralyzed and doomed George for sneering and taunting at school. In one of the recent interviews Clooney admitted that fighting the disease was the hardest thing he ever had to go through, but it was a useful experience because it hardened his character and made him stronger.

Clooney’s professional career began in 1978, when he got a minor role in the Centennial. However these series has neither brought him fame nor noticeably boosted George Clooney net worth. The breakthrough in George’s career came around 1994, when he started filming in ER, American medical drama television series. By the time he left the series in 1999, George was already a well paid Hollywood star. For example, according to IMDB George has received a $10 million check for acting in Batman and Robin in 1997 alone. He got the same sum for appearing in Out of Sight the next year.
As his star went higher, so did Georges salary. In 2001 a role in Ocean’s Eleven added $20 million to George Clooney net worth. George was paid another 15 million dollars for appearing in Intolerable Cruelty in 2003 and exactly the same amount of money for acting in Ocean’s Thirteen in 2007. You also have to keep in mind that such gorgeous actors like George earns millions from advertising.

Now you have an idea why George Clooney net worth is this huge

George Clooney net worth

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