George Foreman net worth

George Foreman net worth

Net Worth: $250 Million

About George Foreman

George Foreman net worth

George Edward Foreman, or simply George Foremen, is a former professional boxer, Olympic Gold Medalist, twice World Heavyweight Champion, entrepreneur, author and most surprisingly- ordained Baptist minister. George gain worldwide fame following his success in 1968 Olympics and subsequently became World Heavyweight Champion. He gained this honorable title after defeating Joe Frazie in Jamaica, in 1973. He lost this title to Muhammad Ali the Following year, but remained among the greatest professional boxers in the world. In mid 1970s George famously announced he has witnessed the appearance of God. Real or imagined, this experience encouraged Foreman to become a minister. He returned to the boxing ring nearly ten years later, by the time he was in his mid 40s. As for 2013, George Foreman net worth is estimated at 250 million, placing him among the richest athletes in the world.

George was born in Texas, in 1949. His real father, Leroy Moorehead, walked on his mother when George was still a baby. The future-boxer was raised by J. D. Foremen, the man his mother married when George was a toddler.

As a teenager Foreman had numerous interests, but his greatest hobby was playing football. The boy idolized Jim Brown, a former Cleveland Browns player, whose poster hang in his room. Foreman’s academic achievements were poor, to say the least, and the kid got kicked out of school by the age 16. As is convincingly proved by the current George Foreman net worth, the lack of formal education did not hamper his professional career. After dropping out from school Foreman moved to California and started training in box under supervision of his couch.

George Foreman net worth growth shifted to the higher gear in the late 60s, when the teenager won a gold medal in Mexico City Olympics. In 1969, his debut year, Foreman entered thirteen fights and was victorious in all of them. He remained undisputed heavyweight champion in 1974, when he lost for another box legend, Muhammad Ali. For the curious ones- Ali is a 3-time World Heavyweight Champion, widely considered as one of the greatest athletes in boxing history. Despite the professional achievements and numerous accolades Muhammad Ali fortune is five times smaller than George Foreman net worth. This retired boxer currently holds capital and assets worth $50 million.

George’s personal life is not any less colorful than his professional career. For example, George is a father for 12 children. Ten of them are Foreman’s biological kids from his marriages and numerous love affairs, while two, Courtney Isaak and Brandie Lilija, are adopted. His biological children are long grown and able to support themselves, thus George Foreman net worth is used primarily for the benefit of Brandie and Courtney, adopted in 2009 and 2013 respectively.

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