George Lynch net worth

George Lynch net worth

Net Worth: $5 Million

About George Lynch

George Lynch net worth

It has been claimed that the current amount of George Lynch net worth is 5 million dollars, which he has accumulated because of his career as a musician. He is mostly known as a guitarist of hard rock music and song writer. George Lynch is well known from his own band called Lynch Mob. In addition to his work with this band, he is also known as a member of another band which plays heavy metal music called Dokken. Thus, appearing with both of them has added up a lot of revenues to the total size of George Lynch net worth.
George Lynch by many is considered as one of the most popular and influential rock and metal guitarists of the 80s. George Lynch made his name well known because of his unique playing style and sound. Guitar World Magazine named George Lynch as the 68th musician on its list of the 100 greatest guitarists of all time. Gibson named him as the 10th musician on its list of Top 10 Metal Guitarists of All Time.
George Lynch was born in 1954 in Spokane, Washington. He grew up in California. George Lynch appeared in auditions to become a guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne two times, however, unsuccessfully.

The first band in which he played was called the Boyz, with which he appeared in clubs in Los Angeles. After this band, he created another one called Xciter. After this one, George Lynch finally joined Dokken, which added up to the total sum of George Lynch net worth, as well. In this band, he became known as the leading guitarist and the band became well known in the 1980s. He joined this group in 1980. The group released many albums which have been certified as platinum, including “Back for the Attack” and “Under Lock and Key”. In all of the songs in these albums, George Lynch’s work as a guitar player is dominant. In 1990, Dokken became nominated for a Grammy award for the Best Metal Performance.
In 1989, although the band was still successful, the members of it decided to stop performing because of arguments with the leading member of the group, Don Dokken. George Lynch, thus, created another band called Lynch Mob, which was quite different from Dokken in every musical aspect, starting from the topics of the songs until the sound itself. The, George Lynch decided to stop his career as a musician for a while as his wife gave birth to their daughter named Mariah Lynch.
In 1993 he debuted as a solo act when he released his first album called “Sacred Groove”, sales of which have also added up to the overall estimate of George Lynch net worth. In 1994 he reunited with his previous band, Dokken. The band got signed to the Columbia/Sony label. The reunited band released an album called “Dysfunctional”. However, this album did not sell well and was not as successful as planned, thus, the label stopped working with it. Another label to which it got signed was called CMC International.

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