George R.R. Martin net worth

George R.R. Martin net worth

Net Worth: $65 Million

About George R.R. Martin

George R.R. Martin net worth

As for the day, George R.R. Martin net worth is estimated at $65 million and this makes him one of the wealthiest contemporary writers. Although throughout his lengthy career Martin experimented with various styles and wrote quite a few pieces of literature, he is best known for international bestselling series of fantasy novels, titled The Song of Ice and Fire, and its television adaptation Game of Thrones. In fact, his books series earned such a widespread recognition, that some people started comparing Martin to J.R.R. Tolkien, the author of Lord of the Rings and in my humble opinion, the most talented fantasy writer in history.
I guess there is no one good advice that could get you into the league of Martin and Tolkien. None the less, I was interested to learn the writing advice that Martin found the most useful. In one of his interviews the author has said: “One of the big breakthroughs, I think for me, was reading Robert A. Heinlein’s four rules of writing, one of which was, ‘You must finish what you write.’ I never had any problem with the first one, ‘You must write’ – I was writing since I was a kid.

But I never finished what writing“. As you could guess, the success of The Song of Ice and Fire (as well as Game of Thrones) is responsible for the major part of the current George R.R. Martin net worth. But let’s take a closer look at his income sources, career and attitudes.
The author was born in the mid-20th century, in New Jersey. The talent which eventually earned him worldwide recognition and incredible fortune unfolded at an early age. In fact, Martin started earning money for his writings when he was still a child. Back then the future millionaire used to write monster stories and sell them to the kids in his neighbourhood for a several pennies. I bet that if any of his former neighbours had kept these stories, today they could be sold for a considerable amount of money. But who could have known that the creative kid from the next door will grow up to be one of the most celebrated writers in the word?
Now as I have already mentioned, the growth of George R.R. Martin net worth gained momentum when he started writing The Song of Ice and Fire. If you’ve read the books and/or watched the series Games of Thrones you don’t need to be told that Martin’s plots are full of unexpected twists, which both regularly breaks the hearts of his fans and keeps them addicted to the series. Now what you should know: that is the key element of George’s writing strategy. The author is quoted saying: “It’s really irritating when you open a book, and 10 pages into it you know that the hero you met on page one or two is gonna come through unscathed, because he’s the hero. This is completely unreal, and I don’t like it“ – and hence he tries to avoid it. As suggested by the current George R.R. Martin net worth, so far this strategy works perfectly well!

Now you have an idea why George R.R. Martin net worth is this huge

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