George Strait net worth

George Strait net worth

Net Worth: $300 Million

About George Strait

George Strait net worth

George Harvey Strait, or simply George Strait, is a famous American musician, country singer, songwriter, music producer and actor. His talent and skill earned George the titles “King of Country” and “Living Legend of Country”. Strait rose to nationwide fame in 1981, when his hit “Unwound” was first played on the radio. By the end of the same decade he has recorded seven albums that charted No. 1. Among his greatest 80s hits were “Ocean Front Property” and “Fool Hearted Memory”. Georges amazing popularity continued through the following decades, with his songs “You’ll be There”, “Heartland”, “Blue Clear Sky” and “She’ll Leave You with a Smile” reigning over the charts and hearts of American country music fans. As for 2013, George Strait net worth is estimated at $300 million, making him one of the wealthiest musicians in today’s US. This is no surprise, having in mind that during his lengthy career George has released more than 30 Platinum records and in total sold over 70 million albums. According to RIAA, Strait is among the best selling musicians in the world.

George was born in Texas, in a family of Doris Couser and John Byron Strait. His father was a math teacher and a cattle owner. Back in the day George Strait net worth was little above zero and to earn his pocket money the boy had to spend his weekends working at his father’s ranch outside the city. Strait’s parents divorced when he was still in elementary. Following this break up George and his brother John chose to live with their father, while their mother moved in with her sister. One could say that music career, which eventually boosted George Strait net worth to hundreds of millions, started when the boy was still attending high school. George’s first band consisted of some of his closest friends and mostly played rock and roll. His taste for music soon changed and George turned toward such singers as Hank Thompson, George Jones, Merle Haggard, Frank Sinatra and Hank Williams.
Strait’s professional career took off in 1981, when he released Strait Country. Besides Strait’s first hit, “Unwound”, this album featured such singles as “If You’re Thinking You Want a Stranger (There’s One Coming Home)“ and „Down and Out“. Music critics almost unanimously praised Strait Country, as it broke the prevailing trend of pop-influenced country music and proved that “pure country” can still be attractive for the modern audience. The album was a great commercial success and brought its author a considerable fortune. George Strait net worth continued to grow with his following albums, Right or Wrong, Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind and Something Special.

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