Gerard Pique net worth

Gerard Pique net worth

Net Worth: $245 Million

About Gerard Pique

Gerard Pique net worth

Gerard Pique is one of the most successful football players of all time. It has been reported that the overall amount of Gerard Pique net worth reaches 245 million dollars, however, some sources state that today his net worth has increased a lot and reaches almost 300 million dollars. Gerard Pique is known as one of the best players of Spanish origin. Currently, he is known to be a player for the FC Barcelona team, where his position is as a centre-back. Thus, this current involvement of his adds millions of dollars to Gerard Pique net worth.

In 2004, Gerard Pique left the former mentioned football club in order to join the team of Manchester United. He played in Manchester United for four years. After four years passed, Gerard Pique came back to FC Barcelona and he was the one who led his team in completion of Sextulpe. Also, Gerard Pique has achieved a lot during his career. He is one of not so many football players, who became the winner of the UEFA Champions League two consecutive years while being a member of different teams in those years. Other football players who have also achieved this are known to be Paulo Sousa, Marcel Desailly and Samuel Eto’o.

In addition, Gerard Pique has been a player for the National Spanish football team, which he joined in 2009. This involvement added up to the overall amount of Gerard Pique net worth, since Gerard Pique was also playing football in the championship, when the Spanish team became the world winners. In 2010, the Spanish National Football Team became the winners of FIFA World Cup and in 2012, the team won the UEFA Euro. In both of these competitions, Gerard Pique played an integral role and added a lot to the success of the team.

Gerard Pique was born in Barcelona, Catalonia, in 1987. He started playing football as a defensive midfielder in the FC Barcelona’s youth team. However, before he got signed as a professional football player with this team, Gerard Pique left Spain for joining the team of Manchester United. However, after four years, as it has been mentioned already, Gerard Pique came back to Spain and joined FC Barcelona. In 2008, Gerard Pique signed a contract with FC Barcelona for four years, and his success started as well as it increased the overall sum of Gerard Pique net worth.

Also, in addition to his football career, Gerard Pique’s personal life has been as much important and interesting to the public, especially his relationship with a singer Shakira, with whom he has a son, Milan Pique Mebarak.

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gerard pique net worth gerard pique net worth gerard pique net worth

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