Ginuwine net worth

Ginuwine net worth

Net Worth: $11 Million

About Ginuwine

Ginuwine net worth

Ginuwine is a well known name for people interested into show business. It has been announced that the overall amount of Ginuwine net worth reaches 11 million dollars. He has accumulated such a sum through his involvement into music, thus he is a well known singer and song writer. In addition to that, he is also a skillful dancer and actor and these two sources also have added to the total estimate of Ginuwine net worth.

In the middle of the 1990s, Ginuwine signed a record deal with Epic Records. Being signed to this label, he released a lot of singles and albums which have been certified platinum. Thus, this made him one of the most successful RnB artists in the 1990s as well as in the 2000s. Therefore, during this period, Ginuwine net worth also increased by a mile.

Ginuwine was born in Washington DC in 1970. In the 1990s, Ginuwine had quite a few collaborations, including artists such as Timbaland and Missy Elliot. In 1996, Ginuwine released his debut single called “Pony”. In this single, he collaborated with Timbaland and due to its success, the duo also became quite successful in the 1990s.

In 2007, this single was even used as a karaoke song in a film called “Wild Hogs”. In 2008, the song was also featured in the video game called “Grand Theft Auto IV”.

In 1999, he released the second album called “100% Genuwine”. However, with the release of this album, his relationship with Timbaland also decreased. As a result, Ginuwine started to collaborate with other producers, such as R. Kelly. In 2001, he released another popular single, that being “Differences”.

One year later, his success was overshadowed because of the death of both of his parents. As a result, he wrote a song devoted to that called “Two Reasons I Cry”. The song was included in his album called “The Life”, which is his third album.

In 2002 Ginuwine collaborated with P. Diddy and was featured on his single called “I Need a Girl (Part II)”, which proved to be a huge success. In the same year, Ginuwine also established his own record label called “Bag Entertainment”. This involvement also added up to the overall amount of Ginuwine net worth. The label is known for a few artists it got signed, such as Knight and Jose Cenquentez. In 2005, Ginuwine’s another album was released called “Back II Da Basics”.

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