Glen Hansard net worth

Glen Hansard net worth

Net Worth: $5 Million

About Glen Hansard

Glen Hansard net worth

Glen Hansard is a popular name in the entertainment industry. It has been claimed that the total estimate of the current Glen Hansard net worth reaches 5 million dollars. Glen Hansard is a singer and an actor. In addition, he has written some songs and plays the guitar in the group called The Frames. In addition, he is a member of the duo called The Swell Season. Moreover, Glen Hansard appeared in the film called “The Commitments”. In addition, he starred in another one, called “Once”. Because of his role in the latter film, Glen Hansard became a winner of some awards, including an Academy Award for Best Song. Thus, his appearances as a singer and actor have increased the total amount of Glen Hansard net worth, in addition to making his name popular.
Born in 1970, when he was 13 years old, Glen Hansard quit school. In 1990, he created his band called The Frames, which is still active today and which has served as one of the main sources of increasing the total size of Glen Hansard net worth. In 1991, his name became even more known when he appeared in the film by Alan Parker called “The Commitments”.

Before that, he was a student at the New York Film Academy School of Acting. However, Glen Hansard has stated that he regretted his decision to take this role as it stopped his music career.
In 2003, he became a host of the show on RTE, called “Other Voices: Songs from a Room”. In 2006, he appeared on the album called “The Swell Season”. In the same year, he appeared in another film called “Once”. In 2007, the film was shown at the Sundance Film Festival and became a winner of the World Cinema Audience Award. In 2007 as well, he appeared on the soundtrack for the film called “I’m Not There”, as he recorded a song called “You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere”. In 2006, he appeared on the charity album called “The Cake Sale”. Glen Hansard has recorded some cover songs, as well, which were included on the album by Today FM called “Even Better than the Real Thing”.
Glen Hansard voiced a role of Irish busker in one episode of the popular animated series called “The Simpsons”. In addition, he released his solo album called “Rhythm and Repose”. Therefore, his music career has made his name well known in the entertainment industry and also increased the total sum of Glen Hansard net worth.
In addition, Glen Hansard has contributed to another film’s soundtrack, called “The Odd Life of Timothy Green”, where he sang a song called “This Gift”. In 2012, he recorded one song for the film called “The Hunger Games”, the song being called “Take the Heartland”. Moreover, he continued his acting career with a guest appearance in the TV series called “Parenthood”. He even sang his song called “High Hope” on that episode. Therefore, Glen Hansard has managed to keep a successful acting career, together with his music career.

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